10 Tips To Nail Behavioural Interview Questions

Employers want to know candidates beyond their written job application. To understand what applicants have that is valuable to them, is important. The best way to uncover this value is to use behavioural interview questions.

The behavioural interview technique asks candidates to describe their personal experiences in real situations at work. They call upon a variety of past experiences that allows employers to determine how you might fare in the job you’ve applied for.

Read our top 10 tips to nail those behavioural questions and ace your interview:

  1. It’s about you – first and foremost, remember there is no pass or fail – these are your experiences.
  2. Plan it out – before the interview, identify the key traits that will be of interest to the employer for the role. Relate your experience to these traits.
  3. Examples, examples, examples – think of some concrete examples relating to these traits that you would like to use in the interview.
  4. Where’s the data – look at your past performance appraisals. This will help you identify achievements and situations that you can use as examples.
  5. Not too much details – address the question at hand without spending too much time on every detail of the situation.
  6. Outcomes are key – don’t just describe your behaviour, but showcase how it benefited you and the business.
  7. What did you learn – describe any mistake or area for improvement with confidence. The best answers showcase what you learnt from them.
  8. Conflict – in almost every interview, there will be a question about team member conflict. When answering it’s more important to outline how the conflict was managed and how the resolution was effective at accommodating others and the business’ needs.
  9. Give a bit extra – showcasing your learning preferences, team interaction and approach to problem solving is always going to help. These are important aspects for just about any job role, and showcasing these without pointedly being asked to – is going to give you brownie points.
  10. Be yourself – Be honest. Be open and enjoy the process!

Use these tips and nail the behavioural interview now!

All the best with your job search.

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