5 Questions To Ask An Exiting Employee

Remember that every employee that leaves your business is a brand ambassador for your organisation. What they say about your organisation, work practices and culture will greatly influence whether future good talent decides to apply for positions in your team in the future. Asking the right exit interview questions to every employee leaving your organisation is an important process for both parties.

Some of these are not the standard HR or nor are they legal questions. However, you can use these to gain valuable feedback and insights.

Here are a 5 questions you should ask every employee who is leaving:

Did the job match their expectations?

Accurate first impressions are a key driver of employee engagement. It is important to know how the day-to-day realities of the role matched the job description when they applied. Discussing this topic means you’ll be able to create a better job description for the next person, with more accuracy and a complete list of the key criteria. It will also enable you to hire someone that is connected and well matched to the role. If you dig a little deeper on this question you can also gather an understanding of how the role may have changed or grown over time, giving you the opportunity to reassess the business needs.

Did the role align with their personal goals and interests?

Whilst the focus on professional development goals is important, this question allows you to assess their work within the bigger picture of life. Research has shown that Gen Z want a job that matches their personality and fulfilling their career goals is very important to them. The answer to this question will also give you clues and important insights into the kind of questions you should be asking while interviewing candidates for the next role. This doesn’t mean you change the job or tasks but it might mean you can review the interview questions you ask and review the profile of the candidates that apply for the position. There is an excellent, useful interview template at the end of the article.

Did they have the tools and resources to effectively do their job?

This is a big question that’s rarely asked in any formal exit interview. Outstanding work requires the right systems, equipment and environment for magic to happen. Understanding how employees feel about tools and resources, processes and support will allow you to assess the requirement of future investments. It could also highlight systems that need a review and provide the opportunity to consider streamlining. With the amount of tech and apps available now, looking at ways to reduce task time should always be on the radar.  

Did they feel aligned with the organisation’s policies and culture?

Asking this will help you maintain transparency, and understand how your employees really perceive your organisational policies and internal working culture. If one employee feels alienated, chances are many others might feel the same way too. This could be a wake up call for your business and an excellent opportunity to address the areas that require change.  Use this opportunity to discern if your internal communication channels are working and whether they feel the management team is approachable. 

Would they recommend your organisation as a great place to work to others?

Chances are you might not always get the 100% truth here. However, it’s still worth asking. An honest employee will always point out any major concerns when you ask this question. Even if the employee is leaving, they might still be a great advocate for your organisation and refer future potential employees or candidates. Improving on your employee experience is something you should always review and be working towards improving. It’s great branding too. 

It’s a given that employees will come and go, 

but don’t let their exit be in vain – turn it into an opportunity to improve. 


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