5 Questions To Ask At Your Second Interview

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to return for a second interview.

This shows you’ve impressed your prospective employer and that they are genuinely considering you for the role.

Sorry to amp up the pressure but … this is generally the deciding interview. The employer has most likely decided you have a skills match; now it’s about your fit into the business. And this is your chance to stand out and show them you’re the obvious choice for the role.

Asking the right questions during this interview is crucial. It will allow you to make a conscious decision if you decide to accept the role.


Here are our top 5 questions for the second interview:

Onboarding: If I am selected, what is the onboarding process and how will I step into the role?

  • Some employers expect new hires to be extremely hands-on from the beginning, while others have onboarding and training processes in place. Asking this question demonstrates your consideration of their processes and adaptability to navigate the early days.
  • Their response to this will also give you a heads up about what to expect if you take up the offer.


KPI’s: What are the main achievements you would expect from me in the first month, in three months and a year?

  • This will show that you are keen to add value and committed to making an impact.
  • It also allows you to see the key projects and tasks you’ll be working on.


Company Goals: What are the team’s KPI’s and how will my role help the company goals?

  • Managers appreciate people who understand the importance of the bigger picture. As their KPI’s are linked to yours, you’ll instantly build rapport by asking this and come across as a results oriented professional.
  • This is also an opportunity for you to understand the company goals and how you can make an impact.


Stakeholders: Who are the main stakeholders this role works with and who does it support?

  • Stakeholder management is integral to success. Asking this will show your team spirit and commitment to ensure stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Understanding the organisation chart will give you a clear picture of who you’ll be working with.


Challenges: Is there anything that concerns you about my fit for the role?

  • This is a really important question to ask; it opens up the floor for an honest discussion around the employers’ reservations. This gives you an opportunity to show that you value constructive feedback.
  • You can also use this to debunk any confusion and showcase any additional skills and experiences you may have forgotten to mention.


Asking the right questions is what separates good candidates from the best!



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