Considering hiring a contractor or temporary staff?

With the right approach, temporary staff can serve as a huge asset to your organisation. Most managers we know, have at one point or the other, wondered:

How will temp staff benefit my organisation?

If you’ve ever thought along these lines, now is the perfect time to review why temp staff are life savers.

Scale Quickly– Temp staff allow you to quickly add capacity to your team based on actual requirements. Hire according to your need, without the commitment that comes with permanent staff. They provide extra support for new projects or meeting tight deadlines.

Reduce Costs – Full time employees have a range of salary benefits that impact the Balance Sheet. Temporary staff have set rates meaning you can easily calculate their cost to the business and budget accordingly. This transparency takes the guesswork out of forecasting and reduces overall payroll costs.

Safeguard Skill Gaps – Sick days, unforeseen events, staff turnover and project delays affect every organisation; this causes pressure across your team and may affect service delivery. Temp staff are your quick fix; at short notice your recruiter will onboard a new team member giving you instant access to more time. Your team will thank you for it.

Focus on Efficiency – Temps don’t collect everyday tasks that detract from the project needs. Their entire focus is on getting the job done. Remember that choosing the right candidate with the skills you need is paramount, using a well networked recruiter will ensure you don’t waste time sourcing.

Workforce Planning – Temporary placements often translate into permanent hires. It is an easy way to test run a position to ensure it brings value to the business long term. It also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the cultural fit and performance of your temporary staff member and therefore saving valuable recruitment and on boarding time.

Need help fast? We can turn temp roles around at short notice.

Unsure of your needs? Let us assist with advice on skills and market availability. Our pool of temp/ contract workers are highly skilled, ready to work immediately and set up for remote work.

Contact us now for hiring temp staff and getting the work done!

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