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Let’s face it: the competition for that dream job can be fierce, especially in the current market. Here at Recruitment Central, we see hundreds of resumes every week, and we know what grabs a manager’s attention.


So, how do you ensure your resume stands out and that it lands you an interview?


Here are our 5 top tips to structure your resume for maximum impact, designed to impress Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and hiring managers alike:


1. The Keyword Champion: Target Your Words & Skills for the Job

  • Craft a powerful skills summary at the top, packed with keywords from the job description.
  • Organise your work experience section by job title and company in reverse chronological order.
  • Within each work experience section, use bullet points to describe your responsibilities and achievements, focusing on the skills you mentioned in your summary.


Pro tip: Use a clear and easy-to-read font like Arial or Calibri in a size that ensures readability on computer screens (typically 10-12 point).


2. The Achievement Star: Showcase Your Impact

  • This format highlights your accomplishments using strong action verbs and quantifiable results, making your resume stand out to busy hiring managers.
  • Focus on your most relevant work experience and prioritise achievements that demonstrate your skills and value, add in metrics and big achievements.
  • Use powerful action verbs (e.g., “managed,” “spearheaded,” “increased”) to showcase the impact you made in previous roles.


Pro tip: Don’t just list duties – quantify your achievements whenever possible (e.g., “increased sales by 15%”).


3. The Tailored Trio: Combine Skills, Experience, and Projects


  • Start with a compelling skills summary that highlights your key strengths.
  • Break down your skills into relevant categories (e.g., technical skills, soft skills).
  • Include a focused work experience section detailing your most relevant positions.


4. Keep it Concise and Catchy: The Two-Page Wonder

  • In today’s fast-paced world, hiring managers often have limited time to review resumes. A two-page resume ensures they can quickly grasp your qualifications and value proposition.
  • Use clear and concise language throughout your resume.
  • Adjust font size and margins to ensure all information fits comfortably on one page if possible.

5. Beyond Print: Optimising Your Digital Resume


While printed resumes might have been the norm in the past, most employers now request digital submissions. 


  • Review ATS instructions: Some employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with specific file format requirements. Check job postings for details to ensure your resume is compatible.
  • If there is no file format instructions listed, default to Word (.docx) or PDF for easy access by all employers.


Pro tip: Help hiring managers easily identify your resume by naming it with your first and last name, followed by “resume” (e.g., John_Doe_Resume.pdf). Upload it ready to Seek, Indeed etc so you can quickly apply once you see a role you feel is a good fit.


Bonus: Partner with Recruitment Central for Your Dream Job

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Message from the CEO

Lot’s has changed in the world of job search and recruitment over the years. In our 20 years of recruiting one thing has remained constant and that is the need for a comprehensive resume.


The resume is still essential to finding a new role, showing off your best assets and skills and with AI and ATS’s scanning for keywords there is so much you can do to make sure you stand out.


It’s always a good idea to revisit your resume and ensure it’s ready to go for that next opportunity or if you are in a long term role there’s nothing wrong with ensuring you jot down all the key tasks and updating with recent qualifications etc.


For me, the secret to a resume is to lead the reader through your story, making sure you describe your tasks and achievements in a jargon free way, often say – if your teenage son/daughter/friend etc could read your resume and tell you what you do then you’re winning.


We hope this article is helpful to you in your job search. If you need assistance reach out, if you are looking for a temp or permanent team member we would love to hear from you too.



Take Care


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