Remote working as we all know is now common. has it’s own category now which filters jobs that allow working remotely. There is a new attitude in this way or working for the better. The advantages are:

But then, you get to open your laptop and possibly being drawn in by the hundred things that Facebook, Myer and Instagram want you to focus on instead. All those unwanted emails amongst the important ones. Suddenly you’re feeling guilty and unproductive.

It’s tough sometimes to draw a line between the personal and professional time when you’re working from home.

As part of a team that works from home, we have seen and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly of remote work.

So let’s get to our 7 ways to ensure productivity while working remotely:

Recruitment Central can assist.

We can help your team with coaching, performance reviews and productivity checklists. See our page of FREE Process Documents.

If you or your organisation needs help or more information in remote working structures and tools there is a treasure trove of information from many sources to investigate further, such as:

The Guardian


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