How to get noticed at work so the next promotion is yours.

  How to get noticed at work so the next promotion is yours.  Standing out in the crowd is never easy and for some people, terrifying. There is an old saying that the ‘squeaky wheel gets the oil’ but how do you apply that in the workplace? How do you make sure that you and […]

Things To Know About Gen Z & Millennials

Things to know about Gen Z & Millenials This is the first time that modern workplaces are catering to four very different generations and battling a pandemic! This is a difficult situation for managers who need to understand the thinking and behaviours of the various generations to know how best to manage them.  An article […]

5 Undeniable Reasons Why Temp Staff Are The Best Investment

5 Undeniable Reasons why Temp Staff are the Best Investment. Considering hiring a contractor or temporary staff?    With the right approach, temporary staff can serve as a huge asset to your organisation. Most managers we know, have at one point or the other, wondered what the benefits are. If you’ve ever thought along these lines, […]

How To Integrate New Employees To Your Team

Have you had moments where you see new employees not fitting in? As managers we know that trying to build a productive performing team can be a challenge. Introducing new employees into an established team can be difficult, and needs to be handled with care. Fortunately there are proactive steps you can take to integrate new […]

Tips To Be A More Productive and Efficient Manager

As a manager, you’re faced with a large range of tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. Your success as a manager is often measured in terms of how happy and productive your employees are. While maintaining workplace productivity is definitely one of the many important jobs of a manager or a supervisor. It is […]