Central Update – October 21

Central Update – Client Newsletter October 2021 Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Looking for Temporary Staff? Connect and let us discuss how we can help with our ready to go employees. Book an Appointment Email: admin@recruitmentcentral.com.au ABN:94 164 407 934 Information Privacy Policy Blogs Book An Appointment For […]

Employers want soft skills in the workplace

Employers want soft skills in the workplace Soft skills are a catch-all term referring to various behaviours that help people work and socialise well with others. In short, they are good manners, the ability to read the feelings of others, and emotional intelligence.  They are personality traits that give us a good work ethic, leadership […]

Virtual hiring made easy in 5 steps

Virtual hiring made easy in 5 steps Are you are looking to hire your newest employee virtually? With social distancing, remote working and onboarding challenges still present, there are considerable changes to the hiring process. Thanks to technology (and perhaps the hiring revolution COVID-19 has brought), its perhaps the best time to make the shift […]

Return to work checklist

Return to work checklist Been a while since your last run of the return to work process? Not sure where to start?  Returning to work is not always easy and some adjustments need to be made. Each team and business will have different needs, some staff may not want to return and some may be keen […]

You’ve had an employee resignation, now what?​

You’ve had an employee resignation, now what? Heard from a valued team member of their intention to leave from your business recently? It’s normal to get a sinking feeling. No manager ever wants to hear that someone valuable on their team has another job offer in hand. Add to this the uncertainty around announcing their […]