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This month we discuss the counter offer and what the implications are for you as an employee.


In this market where skilled people are spoiled for choice sometimes taking your resignation to your employer may provide unexpected results.


There are a few things worth considering if you have a current role and looking at other jobs or thinking about moving on.

Employers are getting a lot better at improving workplaces and miles better at offering more flexibility and options at work.



Read on for our tips on counter offers and what you need to consider if this is something you may be thinking about in the future.

Counter-Offer Confusion

Often resigning is a difficult decision for most people. You have probably made up your mind, sought a new role, been for interviews and now have a new job on offer.


For some, telling their employer they are quitting can be gut wrenching and for others just a little awkward. What if your employer decides to make you a counter offer? In this market it is happening often so here are some tips to review so you are prepared.

Ask yourself why you are leaving:

If you are really unhappy and feel like you have given it time and it’s still not improving then chances are you are not likely to even entertain the counter offer. You can use it as a way to help your employer make changes to the workplace or role so that others don’t feel like you do into the future. If you just leaving for more renumeration, look closely at all the factors like location, team, environment, long term longevity of the company and potential promotions etc. This will all help you make a more considered decision.


Grass is not always greener:

You know the saying, but it can also become truth. Change is hard and sometimes we think the new employer is amazing and the new challenges look more interesting but it is an adjustment and sometimes it may be disappointing and not what you expect. Be prepared and ask yourself to weigh up the pros and cons of moving on.


If it’s toxic and affecting your health, it’s time to move:

There are some things you can overlook, there are some things that you can ignore at work but if your workplace is impacting your health then that’s probably a deal breaker. If your relationships and time with your family are being negatively impacted, no counter offer will change these aspects of the workplace so stick to your guns and move on.


Always be gracious, always leave on a positive note. If you decide to

accept the counter offer, you are better off than you were yesterday

and you know your work and work ethic is appreciated.

Start tomorrow with a fresh outlook and find some new

challenges to sink your teeth into.

Message from the CEO

Things are evolving in workplaces around the world. We have spent time looking at the world of work and closely examining these changes and we have noticed that the counter offer is something that is more common that it was in the past.


Employers know the cost of losing a skilled, reliable and dedicated employee. Replacing you is not easy and generally most organisations want to make improvements so their workers are happier and more productive.


If you are considering resigning or looking for other work then you should also spend time thinking about what you may do if your employer makes you a counter offer. That way it won’t come as a complete surprise.

f you are thinking about moving on, we can assist. We can help you ensure your resume is up to scratch, you present perfectly and in many cases we have roles that are looking for people right now so, in many cases, you can be in a new position very quickly.


We are always here for advice to both companies and clients and candidates past and present. Reach out, send us an email or give us a call, our friendly team are ready to assist you. If you have not yet registered with us I encourage you to do so, that way you will be up to date with all our opportunities and follow us on Linkedin where we post most of our current roles.


Stay Safe



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