Finding Part-Time and Casual Jobs

Have you been thinking about a flexible work-life balance recently? Want to look for jobs that give you that added time with your family, friends or just work on your side gig?

The good news is, Australia is extremely accommodating when it comes to part-time and casual roles.

Read to explore the various platforms where you could get your next dream job.

  • Job sitesSeekIndeedJora are the biggest job platforms in Australia. All you have to do is filter jobs by the ‘job type’. You can set up job alerts for daily job listings that match your criteria.
  • LinkedIn – Connect with recruiters and leaders across industries – it’s a must for having a long-term career network. Building a great profile will ensure you are easy to find, read our Quick Tips for LinkedIn Profile Updates. Don’t forget to change your headline to ‘Looking for Part-time and Casual roles in …’
  • Facebook – Lots of great Facebook groups dedicated to industries and cities exist. Search for keywords like ‘Brisbane Jobs’, Sydney Jobs’ and join groups relevant to you. Facebook has also created it’s own job search engine. It’s pretty new but you’ll find plenty of part-time and casual roles. An added bonus is that Facebook’s algorithm picks up jobs and companies that it thinks you might have an interest in. The Messenger system is not that user friendly for the recruiter, so try to put something in there that alerts them as to why you are a great fit for the role.
  • Ethical jobs – Another one of our favourite platforms to recommend; it combines careers with impact with casual work. Not for profits are also known to be flexible employers without compromising on career development.
  • Freelance platforms – If you’re a freelancer, check out FreelancerFiverr and Upwork. Create a profile, bid for jobs, and be found by businesses looking for contractors across a range of industries. Make sure you list your core skills impactfully and build trust by using previous examples and outcomes.
  • University job boards – If you’re a student, your university’s job platform is probably the best place to look for such roles. Employers who list their vacancies here are ready and willing to take on students and are usually flexible to your schedules as well.

We recommend that you gauge your interests and requirements in terms of flexibility and pay scales before you proceed for your interview. It provides transparency to the employer and makes expectation setting much easier in the longer run.

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