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For an employee on 70k, that’s 14 k! … (as Sandra says, that’s a lot of shoes!)

The employment market is tough.  Finding staff that mesh well with your team, have the right     skills, and carry their weight can be difficult. A recent publication on the implications of a bad hire stresses the importance of getting your hiring process down pat.

The effects of a bad hire extend far beyond what you see on the surface and head into more serious realms.

  • Loss of Customers: In 2016 approximately 59% of buyers did not return after a poor customer service experience.
  • Theft or Fraud: 43% of lost revenue has been attributed to employee theft.
  • Productivity Loss: Unhappy workers bring a decline to overall productivity and profitability.
  • Stress: Heightened stress means drops in performance and attendance.
  • Time Loss: Up to 8 weeks to back-fill Management positions, 5 Weeks for Mid-Level staff

Time Required to Backfill Staff

Training and company downtime costs employers up to $2,000 in retraining costs depending on the size of their business (especially if hiring someone new to the industry).

Reading resumes, screening and face-to-face interviews all add into your time, not to mention Advertising costs (approx. $300 per ad).

Putting a plan in place to avoid these pitfalls and inconveniences is vital.  

Download the “Making Interview a Breeze Template” from our website and get a plan in place.

If this all seems too hard, we are here to help. Contact us today!

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