How to be a Successful Temp

Temporary work or temping is an opportunity to stay up to date, learn some new skills and expand your network – all while earning. 

Garner some good recommendations for your next permanent job (if that is what you want).

Temping can also provide you with the opportunity to audition for a permanent job in a place you already know and like.

To be a successful temp, it is important to understand what the employer and your recruiter want from you.


The Employers Wish List

Cultural Fit – The ability to build rapport is super important. Ensure your recruiter gives you a good rundown on the team and company before you start your assignment. Remember to be open, observe and learn.

Be Professional – Be punctual and complete the tasks on time. Follow the company’s policies and ensure you ask questions if you are unsure.

Show Maturity – Respect boundaries within the workspace. Don’t ask personal questions and by the same token, don’t reveal too much about yourself. Be friendly, not chatty.

Always Learn – Take notes and refer to them. Engage in the company’s training and ask relevant questions. Know who you can go to help and where to find information so you can be as self-sufficient as possible.

Be Proactive – Simply completing your tasks is enough to get you paid, but not enough to make you a valued team member. If you’re experiencing a quiet day – volunteer for some extra tasks.

Be Adaptable – Develop a ‘go with the flow’ attitude and adapt. Change is the nature of temping and being a capable chameleon works.

Stand Out – Everyone wants someone who is visible. Instead of emailing, visit your colleagues. Ask to go along to meetings and be involved.


The Recruiter’s Wish List

Provide Insight – Keep them updated on any new skills, or if you feel a role is outside of your skillset. Be honest and they will find the right job for you.

Stay Connected – Keep them updated on how things are going. Don’t let them be caught unaware. Trust they have your best interests at heart.

Be Responsible – Fill out your timesheets, expense forms and paperwork. They are basic requirements, but making sure these are done in a timely fashion shows you as responsible, reliable and organised.

Be an Amazing Representative – Temps are the face of the recruitment agency, so represent them with the highest professionalism.


Most importantly, enjoy being in your new role, meeting new people and showcasing your skills to your employers!


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