How To Ensure Your Vacant Job Advertisements Are Seen

 We know that the market is currently flooded with lots of job opportunities; however, there are simple ways to make your vacancy stand out from the crowd. Job searching has changed over the years, from newspaper classifieds to online searches, but it still requires a person to actively seek a new job for a listing to yield results. Job seekers have to sift through many roles to find ones worth applying for. . This is why it is crucial to make it easy for candidates to find vacancies and open opportunities. When you have a job opening, it’s essential to ensure that your company attracts the best candidates to save time and money. 

Here are some helpful tips:

Optimizing your company’s website

Today, job seekers type keywords related to their desired career. If you want to stand out and make it easier for candidates to find your jobs, you need to optimise your company’s website, ensuring that it is responsive to mobile viewing, and list these vacancies on your website as well, we believe this is a vital step for candidates to be able to find your job postings and it helps with SEO.

Social media accounts and other online profile 

You should also ensure your company has an active social media presence, we suggest LinkedIn, but Facebook can also have great reach. Knowing where your candidate market hangs out on social media is a key to ensuring you put your energy in the right places. Be anywhere a person might look for work. Promote a job opening by filling it with posts about new openings and interviews, and share testimonials from current employees and news about your business. Make sure your postings are updated regularly with the latest information about your company and any job openings feature. Be sure to include the link to your vacancies in your email signature.

Create a compelling and concise job description 

So many job descriptions don’t convey enough information about the job. It is essential to have a clear and concise description of the role and what the candidate will be doing day-to-day. Include all the relevant information about the position, where you are located and what qualifications are required at a minimum. Be clear and upfront about all the perks you are offering; it’s now the trend to list these at the top of the job advertisement. It’s also common to speak directly to the candidate in the first person, like having a conversation that includes the company’s socially responsible initiatives and company objectives. These are the key aspects candidates look for. 

It is also helpful to include any links or attachments that support your pitch. Finally, make sure that you have your direct contact information so that candidates can reach out with questions or for more information.

Add job listings on different websites and post them in public areas

Many people use online job sites to find their next position. These sites allow people to apply directly with their resumes and search through job listings that employers post. These sites are an excellent way for employers and candidates to connect. However, there are so many listings that it’s often difficult for candidates to find the right opportunity.

Make sure jobs are listed on all major online job sites such as LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed, Jora and other websites. Bear in mind that some of these platforms will be costly if the ad needs to be listed for a long period. Prepare a pathway for the potential candidate outlining what life will be like when joining your company and what they can expect once hired. Tell a story and take your candidates on a journey.

Have an online application system

One way to make job searching easier for candidates is an online application system. This will help them find your job listings and apply directly online. The benefits of this are two-fold: it will make your job search easier for candidates and save time on having to review applications and connect back to them manually.

Make it easy

Making it easy and quick to apply will also ensure a more successful response. Automate a reply to all candidates who apply and make sure you view and assess the resumes quickly. Time is of the essence if you want the best people. Set aside days and times to conduct interviews and prepare good questions to get to the heart of what is important to you.

Participate in Job Fairs

Job fairs are events where companies come together with people searching for work or learning more about a career path. These events provide an opportunity for people looking for a job to meet with potential employers and discuss opportunities. Companies can benefit from these events by getting more exposure and meeting new candidates, and it’s especially relevant for graduates and school leavers. By hosting or participating in a job fair, employers can meet candidates face to face and get them excited about their company while also getting potential employees excited about the position they are interviewing for.

Hire a Recruiter or HR Consultant

Understanding the job market and knowing where to advertise takes expertise and skill. Recruitment companies like Recruitment Central live and breathe in this space. We have an extensive database updated daily with people looking for roles like yours; we have screened and prepared them for interviews. So if you want great talent and the opportunity to save time and money, why not give the role to a professional recruiter?

You can use our expertise to select your next employee that is an ideal fit for your company.

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