How to get noticed at work so the next promotion is yours.

Standing out in the crowd is never easy and for some people, terrifying. There is an old saying that the ‘squeaky wheel gets the oil’ but how do you apply that in the workplace? How do you make sure that you and your work contribution stands out so that you don’t get overlooked for the next promotion? 

There are some simple ways to make sure that when managers are thinking about who to promote you won’t get overlooked. 

Network within your own organisation

It’s important that you build relationships in other departments and with other staff members so that internally you are known. In large corporations, it’s a little easy to get lost in the crowd but you can make sure you know who does what within other departments.  Show up to after-work activities, social gatherings and company updates, mix your time with those that you know and some you don’t know. Learn and remember peoples names and connect with them on Linkedin so that you grow your network. 

Be an advocate for yourself

This doesn’t feel natural to everyone and some feel like they may be rowing their own boat but if you can’t advocate for yourself how can others? Communicate your value within the business. Make sure you claim and own your achievements along with your mistakes. Build your personal brand, get known for what you’re good at and be the go-to person for that particular task. Pitching yourself as the subject matter expert is a good strategy.

Be integral to your team

Offer to assist others in the team with tasks or information that you know well. Be approachable and helpful to others without expecting something in return. Put your hand up for some of the tasks that others don’t want to do and report back to your manager on a job well done even if they haven’t asked for a report. Information is always valuable. Be the person that is well known in the department and everyone knows your skillset, this makes it easier to stand out. 

Let your interest be known

There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting it be known that you are looking for a promotion or would like to be offered one. It can’t hurt you to make this information known even outside of performance review time or when an opening comes along. Have the conversation with your manager or the manager of the department and it will show them that you have leadership qualities and are confident and prepared to take charge.  If they know you are looking to step up they will watch your work performance more closely and you have time to prove you are the best person for the role. 

Innovate your current role

Make sure that you do the very best you can in the current role you have, there is no better way for a manager to consider you for a promotion that doing an outstanding job. Streamline processes, work out ways of saving the company money, think of solutions to issues or problems that keep repeating.  Be innovative in the way you work and share your learning with your team and your manager. Be the solutions person that thinks of better ways to do things. Be positive, don’t complain all the time and keep comments and gossip to yourself so that you can be trustworthy to managers. 

Prepare for the role you want

If you know that the role you aspire will need skills that you don’t currently have, make it your mission to master those skills. Make sure you are the best candidate for the role, by understanding what is required, brushing up on the things that you need that you may not currently use and put your best foot forward.

Finding a mentor in the business by way of another manager or director and asking them what they think of your skills, initiative, leadership and even dress code will see some great feedback that you can work on before that role comes along. 

If you are overlooked at the next promotion take it on the chin and be graceful and wait for another opportunity. Managers are often watching the reaction to this news to see how you handle adversity. 

If you need further assistance we can help, contact us for ways to improve your skills and make you the perfect person for the next promotion. 

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