Job Search Like A Boss

Say this is your current scenario – you’re looking for a job after graduating from Uni, or after leaving your previous job, you’re confronted with the question…………….

‘What Now?’

You are scrolling through your phone and searching for jobs. Finding tips on how and where to find jobs, and you stumble upon our blog (by the way, Welcome!). If that’s where you are right now, let’s start with this tip – to find a job, you need to be active. Sitting back and waiting for something to pop-up won’t work, especially in the current employment climate.

You need to get onto job boards, refresh your LinkedIn profile and reach out to your connections.

Make it easy for recruiters to see your details, overview skills and just generally be more visible. It makes you more accessible and being accessible takes you a step further to being noticed by recruiters.

Here are a few tips while you are on a job search this year and help you get your foot in the door

  • Have a System – Save the jobs you’ve applied for. Later you can easily follow-up. Don’t just send resumes everywhere hoping someone will call you back. Be intentional.
  • Profile Update – Make sure your profile on job boards and LinkedIn is updated. All job boards use their algorithms to predict your suitability to recruiters. And while they aren’t always accurate, they do matter.
  • Resume – Have an easy to follow resume that outlines your skills, experience and achievements. Use our 5 tips to think like a recruiter.
  • Cover Letter – Create a memorable cover letter that you can use for multiple jobs. However, personalising and showcasing you is key.
  • Follow Up – If you haven’t heard from the companies you’ve applied for don’t lose heart. Don’t be afraid to send an email or make a call.
  • Don’t Give Up – Sometimes companies may be in a slump, or have different priorities. Remain positive. It may feel frustrating, but you know what they say ‘every No brings you closer to a Yes’.

Lastly, remember to take heart. It may take time to get your dream job, but with persistence and the right attitude nothing is impossible.

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