Quick Tips For Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

Updating your LinkedIn profile is key in today’s employment market. When you’re not looking for a job, one of the last things you’ll think about is updating your LinkedIn profile. Keeping your LinkedIn updated is a great way to always have your resume ready (who knows when an opportunity might knock). It can also be a way to build your brand with minimal effort. Reviewing your LinkedIn Profile doesn’t need to be hard, you can just choose to work on one section at a time.

Here, we have compiled everything you need to know, from crafting a stunning summary, to selling your achievements and highlighting your skills. Read on for expert-backed tips on making your LinkedIn profile seriously shine and start getting noticed by the recruiters of your dream job!


First and foremost, get a custom URL. This makes it so much easier to publicise your profile. We recommend linkedin.com/yourname if you can get it.


Utilise LinkedIn’s privacy settings to be discreet. Before you overhaul your profile, ensure your notifications are turned off for your existing connections. Make all the changes then change back.


Choose a great photo of yourself. Use a clear, friendly and industry appropriate image. For instance, take a look at what people in your target industry sector or business level are wearing and match that. 

Having a good photo shows that you’re confident and trustworthy, which is what employers will look for.


These matter when updating your LinkedIn profile!  It doesn’t have to be your job title and company. Use the space to showcase yourself and your value proposition. Headlines are one of the first things people notice when looking at your LinkedIn profile, so make sure it’s compelling in order to stand out. For example, write about how you see your role and what makes you tick.


Use the summary space. You should write about 2 to 4 paragraphs. It should walk the reader through your passions, key skills, and unique qualifications, in addition to any industries you’ve had exposure to. The world is your oyster, and your summary is the pearl. Moreover, it should tell your story, so try to bring to life why your skills matter.


Remember to show your achievements.  Above all, show off your experience in your summary and experience section. Use action words, accomplishments and numbers to prove that you are the one.


If you can, use multimedia to showcase your work, projects or articles that you’ve written using multimedia. Put these into the Featured Section. LinkedIn is also a great place to write articles and share them on your profile. 


Try to build up at least 100 connections. Build on genuine connections to enhance your knowledge about your industry as well. Try reaching out to old workmates or your current company, and make sure you follow up on meetings and conversations with any connection requests.


Lastly, when updating your LinkedIn profile, remember to view how your profile looks on both mobile and computer as your future employer might use both.

At the end of the day, ensure your profile shows your enthusiasm. Let your cheerleader’s flag fly!

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