Sandra Karamitelios

Meet our Founder & Director

Sandra Karamitelios is the Founder & Director of Recruitment Central.

With almost two decades of experience in recruitment, she is Brisbane’s go-to recruiter for personalised and responsive recruitment. When businesses need the perfect addition to their team, they trust her expertise.

Sandra possesses this knack of fostering honest relationships with her candidates and clients. She develops her team and ensures they are consistently engaged. She is really the livewire that has everyone at Recruitment Central charged!

We asked Sandra a few questions. Get to know her a little more – her life as a recruiter, personal passions and fuel for excellence in her profession.

Almost two decades as a recruiter. What motivates you to keep going?

I started recruiting in 1998, a little bit by accident after getting an office manager role in a recruitment agency. I got hooked when a client first told me that the team member I recruited for their organisation was the best investment ever. That made it all worthwhile.

This industry is forever changing. Nothing stays the same in recruitment – jobs change, roles change, generations change and ideas change. I love the challenge to adopt the change, experience new industries and still continue to make an impact on our client teams and candidate careers.

What is the best thing about being a recruiter?

Apart from the satisfaction one gets on finding the right job for someone’s career. And assisting clients to find the right person for their team. I love the flexibility and variety that recruitment offers.

I have worked with so many different clients and have had the opportunity to discover niche and specialised fields. When it comes to my work, I look at myself as an internal extension of my clients – I make their niche my niche.

You seem to embrace change. Why is that?

“If you choose to look at change in a positive light, it changes you for the better.”

When I started recruiting, technology was much slower. Now, it allows us to respond and act very quickly. Technology allows me to access international job markets. I am a proud member of NPA Worldwide which means I can access niche recruitment markets and candidates from my desk across Australia and internationally.

Personally, embracing technology in our process has enabled me to literally work from anywhere – trackside at a MotoGP, a café in the Greek Islands, as long as there is an internet connection I’m able to work!

Tell us uniquely Sandra stories

I absolutely love motorcycle riding. Riding with my friends and husband, Steve, we are a bit obsessed with collecting motorcycles.

A funny story? While riding the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina, USA – I met a lovely police officer who believed my story about confusing kilometres with miles when it came to ‘supposedly’ exceeding the speed limit!

I also really love travelling, and always make travel part of my year plan.

What are your plans for the future both personally and professionally?

A New Look – 2020 was all about a refresh of the brand and expanding our consulting service. Being able to offer our clients a range of services to suit the changing business market is something we have always been proud of offering. 

Technology Updates – as a self confessed software geek, these will always be at the forefront, we were one of the first to offer pre-recorded video interviewing, it’s not very popular.

New Markets – As a member of NPA Worldwide, I am keen to continue expanding our reach across Australia and being able to offer our clients access to a range of niche recruiters meaning we can still project manage their recruitment whilst offering the very best marketing options.

Personally – I’m not overly ambitious in my personal life, enjoying family and friends, reading a good mystery by the pool and riding my motorbike are top of my list. I do love to travel and enjoy a trip most years to visit family in Greece and Europe. Spending more time exploring Canada and NZ are also big ticks I’d like to cross off my bucket list.

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