Recruitment to You

Imagine having your own HR department on call.

Manage business risk and compliance with easy to implement processes and documentation.

Recruitment to You can be your designated HR or Recruitment department within your business.  

Looking for HR Support or Advice

Being compliant and eliminating risk in your HR process doesn’t need to be hard.
Many smaller to medium size businesses lack a designated inhouse HR or Recruitment department. They don’t need a dedicated person looking after workplace health & safety, onboarding new employees, performance management to keep employees happy, legislation changes etc.
This can cause a range of problems and for many there is the risk of not being compliant when something goes wrong.  This is where Recruitment Central can assist. We are the perfect solution for small to medium businesses that don’t have a dedicated HR department. We can look after all your HR and Recruitment needs and be your designated HR department handling all the tasks that a HR person would for an hourly rate.
What could be easier?
If you need a plan and processes to look after the employees that you have and ensure all HR are requirements are covered, or if you need to recruit new employees but can’t afford the agency fees then this is the solution for you.
We can conduct a free of charge Business HR and Recruitment Check for you and outline what the business needs. We have over 25 years of HR & Recruitment experience and we can take care of this part of your business so you can concentrate on what you do best. 
HR & Recruitment Services
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • Employment Contracts
  • HR Compliance Assessments
  • HR Policies
  • Onboarding
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Salary Benchmarking

Build your team and HR knowledge with our free HR Resources below

Performance Reviews

Are you ready to elevate your performance review process?  Take the first step towards effective feedback and continuous improvement. Download now and unlock your team’s full potential.


Employee Retention

Is employee retention on your mind? Unlock the secrets to keeping your team engaged and motivated with our free process document. Enhance your retention strategies today. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Are diversity and inclusion something you’re keen to action but not sure where to start? Finding ways to ensure your team have an inclusive environment doesn’t have to be difficult, download this checklist and find new ideas.


Onboarding Tool

Welcome new employees with a seamless onboarding experience that sets them up for success. Streamline your process with our comprehensive document, tailored to your company’s needs. Ensure a smooth transition and empower your new team members to thrive.

Offboarding made easy

Leave lasting impressions and foster strong relationships with departing employees through a well-defined offboarding policy.  Access our FREE Offboarding Document to ensure a seamless transition and maintain positive relationships.

Teamwork Tool

Are you seeking fresh ways to engage and empower your team? Look no further than our LinkedIn Checklist team activity. Boost your brand’s growth and unlock new levels of collaboration Download now and change up your teamwork approach on LinkedIn. 

The Recruitment Central difference

For over 15 years Recruitment Central has been leading the way to make the entire recruitment process better for both job seekers and employers. As times have changed, so have we.

We don’t confine ourselves to doing business the way traditional recruiters do on their terms, with set margins and one size fits all approach.

Recruitment Central is a true consultancy offering employers flexibility to choose only the elements in the recruitment process they need, rather than paying for all parts that they don’t. Our free online platform is the best solution to save time, save money and most importantly find the right person for your team quickly.

We pride ourselves on not just filling a role but partnering with organisations to become an extension of their business and HR teams and a trusted advisor. We are proud of our reputation, and for the opportunity we have had to work with a wide range of employers across Australia and make a real difference to their teams.

Experience the difference Recruitment Central can make to your business today!

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