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We can be your HR Department

Being compliant and eliminating risk in your HR process doesn’t need to be hard.
Many smaller to medium size businesses lack a designated HR or Recruitment department. They lack a dedicated person looking after workplace health & safety, onboarding new employees, performance management to keep employees happy, legislation changes etc.  This can be an issue however it may be too costly for some companies. This is where Recruitment Central can assist. We can be your designated HR department handling all these tasks that a HR person would for a hourly rate.
What could be easier?
If you need a plan and processes to look after the employees that you have and ensure all HR are requirements are covered, or if you need to recruit new employees but can’t afford the agency fees then this is the solution for you.
We can conduct a free of charge Business Recruitment Check for you and outline what business needs. We have over 25 years of HR & Recruitment experience and we can take care of this part of your business so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Workplace Health & Safety

Download our free workplace health and safety document so that you are prepared to manage any risks. 


Saying goodbye is never easy. Making sure you have a robust policy and appropriate documentation is crucial. Click below to download your FREE process document to make sure your business is up to scratch. 

Performance Reviews

Part of being great at what you do is obtaining feedback and sharing your feedback. Many companies don’t have a process, here is a real working document that you can tailor to suit you that will get you started.

Employee Retention

We have created a very useful process document here and you can access it for free. It will give you very useful and helpful tips on how to manage your employees and keep them happy and productive. 

The Recruitment Central difference

For over 15 years Recruitment Central has been leading the way to make the entire recruitment process better for both job seekers and employers. As times have changed, so have we.

We don’t confine ourselves to doing business the way traditional recruiters do on their terms, with set margins and one size fits all approach.

Recruitment Central is a true consultancy offering employers flexibility to choose only the elements in the recruitment process they need, rather than paying for all parts that they don’t. Our free online platform is the best solution to save time, save money and most importantly find the right person for your team quickly.

We pride ourselves on not just filling a role but partnering with organisations to become an extension of their business and HR teams and a trusted advisor. We are proud of our reputation, and for the opportunity we have had to work with a wide range of employers across Australia and make a real difference to their teams.

Experience the difference Recruitment Central can make to your business today!

What people say.

Sandra took the time to look at my qualifications, have a decent conversation with me to gauge where I was at in my career and where I wanted to go. Not only did she take the time to analyse this, she raised questions to confirm her 'where do I fit' analysis. I would highly recommend Sandra to assist you with finding your next career and company fit.
Melina Pinto
Operations Manager
Having worked with Sandra for a number of years I have continued to use Sandra and her team to help me out with both short and long term staffing requirements. Sandra and her team have always been able to source great staff who are not only proficient in the job they have been engaged to undertake but have also fitted in extremely well to the teams they have joined. I find that no job is ever too hard for Sandra and her team to undertake and they have always been able to meet my needs.
Lisa Ellis
Sandra has always been my 'Go-To' when I've been in between jobs and I have recommended her to friends and family. Her honesty, communication and professionalism are second to none and I would highly recommend her for any of your Recruitment needs.
Meghan Stewart
Head Estimator
Sandra is a pleasure to deal with. Responsive to needs and has the ability to source quality applicants in short time frames. Easily understands business requirements. I have worked with Recruitment Central over many years and have been impressed with the high quality candidates she matches to the roles.
Craig Ramsey

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