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Many smaller to medium size businesses lack a designated HR or Recruitment department. They lack a dedicated person looking after workplace health & safety, onboarding new employees, performance management to keep employees happy, legislation changes etc.

This can be an issue however it many be too costly for some companies. This is where Recruitment Central can assist. We can be your designated HR department handling all these tasks that a HR person would for a hourly rate.

What could be easier?

If you need a plan and processes to look after the employees that you have and ensure all HR are requirements are covered, or if you need to recruit new employees but can’t afford the agency fees then this is the solution for you.

We can conduct a free of charge Business Recruitment Check for you and outline what business needs. We have over 25 years of HR & Recruitment experience and we can take care of this part of your business so you can concentrate on what you do best. 

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Don’t delay, have those HR issues managed quickly and professionally.

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Have us look after your internal HR

Professional, confidential management of your businesses HR & Recruitment by industry professionals. Don’t spend time managing processes can be handled easily by Recruitment Central. 

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