Relocating To Another City? Top Tips to Find A New Job

Australia is a huge country and we are lucky to have the opportunity to easily live and work in any state or territory. Being able to experience a variety of cities and regional areas with different shapes, sizes and climates, all without having to pull out a passport, is pretty cool.

Career development is one of the most common reasons given for relocation, eg: mining in Perth, thriving start up culture in Brisbane.

If you feel the urge to relocate, read our top tips that will help during your job search in another Australian city:

  • Current employer support: Check if they are willing to transfer you to another location? May be they would be happy to have your expertise in a smaller business unit. Discuss your motivators as well.
  • Go online and see who’s hiring: Think seriously about how you’ll land a job in the new city. Check who’s hiring and the number of jobs available in your industry via Seek, Indeed and LinkedIn searches.
  • Shortlist potential employers: Once you do your research, call them and find out how they recruit, maybe they might would support your relocation. Reaching out and explaining your background, motivators, circumstances puts you on the HR teams radar.
  • Explore your potential location: Get an understanding of commute times, cost of travel and local culture.
  • Check your qualifications: Australian states have different laws. Make sure you don’t have any eleventh-hour hiccups.

Moving to another city is a more extreme version of starting a new job. You’ll have to figure out where you fit in terms of the new organisation, build a new social network outside work and setup a new home.

Taking some time to put thought into your relocation plans will set you up for success in your new city.

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