As restrictions ease, and many organisations plan to return to work, a number of these organisations are contemplating downsizing to mitigate the long-term effects of the pandemic.

Leaders who are managing in these uncertain times are navigating a range of issues. These include staff feeling insecure alongside deciding if they will need to downsize.

Decision Making – Key Points:

  • Be transparent – Despite the restrictions easing, job uncertainty is still at an all time high. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to continue to provide clarity to your team about how their roles will change. And to set expectations about the coming weeks and months.
  • Remember your people are your greatest asset – Try to retain your employees where possible. This not only ensures you are equipped to succeed when the market bounces back, but will also leave you with loyal, hardworking employees.
  • Be innovative – Consider alternatives to redundancy. You may be able to retain people by changing operations. Reduced work hours, reduced wages for a defined period, pay freezes, introducing sabbatical leaves. Get creative, connect to your business partners to see if they need extra staff due to increased operations? Not all industries are suffering at this time.
  • Regular Meetings – Schedule regular catch-ups and give staff opportunity to voice their concerns. Demonstrating accessibility, honesty and emotional intelligence has never been more important.

The pandemic and subsequent economic fluctuations have resulted in job losses and businesses’ closing. The main goal for any organisation should be to maintain empathy and sensitivity towards employees during this unchartered territory.

Reach out to us at Recruitment Central, we are here to offer advice and support on how to come out of this with your team standing beside you.

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