Smart Ways To Network Virtually

Working remotely has caused an onslaught of change, new work habits and perhaps new interactions with co-workers. The world is distancing itself in a way we have never done before, and that makes it more important than ever to stay connected to the people who matter most. Even if it means virtually. Having a networking strategy with a deliberate approach to relationship building enables us to prioritise the quality of our connections and engage in authentic activities. It is a good step during our current remote working lifestyles.

Read our top tips to keep your virtual networking game strong, meaningful and productive:

  • Set goals – Decide your networking goals and figure out how you can accomplish them digitally. For example, a connection who is an expert in creating engaging presentations might be willing to have a Zoom meeting to talk you through their process. All you need to do is ask.

  • Commit to a Time – Decide your baseline tactical approach. Will you set up a weekly recurring happy hour or virtual one-on-one coffees? Will you spend time each week thinking about your network and how you can help them?

  • Ask how are you – Ask your key networks, your mentors and mentees, how they are doing and how you can be helpful. In our team, we have made it a habit to share our favourite recipes.

  • Follow up – After doing all these catch-ups, ensure you are executing follow-up on any homework items from the conversation.

  • Be personal – Even if you are not super personal, try to be a little more personal right now is good. It will make the conversation more vulnerable and open and allow you to offer some support.

  • Be kind – Being considerate and empathetic are essential right now. Try and make this a habit for life.

You’ll soon see that when you personalise and take a proactive approach to networking, you steer positive engagement, outcomes and relationships. While no one can be sure when the current situation will change, it’s clear that technology provides meaningful networking opportunities which we should all be making use of.

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