The job hunt isn’t just about salary and benefits anymore. These days, talented candidates are seeking companies that cultivate a supportive and healthy work environment. A culture that encourages positive mental well-being may rank highly when looking for a new role.  

But how can you identify these companies and their policies when looking for a new role? We outline the  “green flags” you can look for when interviewing that signal a company culture that values your well-being and mental health.


Open Communication is a Must

During interviews, pay attention to the communication style of the hiring manager and team. Do they answer your questions directly and honestly? Is there a sense of transparency about the company culture and expectations? Do they give you the opportunity to speak and be heard? Open communication is a key indicator of a workplace where you’ll feel comfortable expressing concerns and sharing ideas.

Work-Life Balance Matters

Ask about work-life balance policies like flexible work arrangements, remote work options, and types of leave available. Does the company encourage employees to disconnect and recharge outside of work hours? We now know that a healthy work-life balance reduces stress and burnout, ultimately benefiting both employees and the company.

Look for Positive Reviews
Take some time to research the company online. Look for employee reviews on glassdoor or company culture review websites. Do current and former employees mention a positive work-life balance, supportive management, or a strong mental health program? While online reviews have limitations, they can offer valuable insights into the company culture from past employees and are always worth checking.
Recognition Makes a Difference
During interviews, observe how the company talks about its existing employees. Do they highlight achievements and celebrate successes? What programs do they have in place to encourage success? A culture of recognition fosters a sense of belonging and motivates employees to do their best work.
Finding Your Perfect Fit
By being on the lookout for these ‘green flags’, you can identify companies that prioritise mental well-being and create a positive work environment. 
Remember, the interview is a two-way street. Use this opportunity to ask questions and assess if the company culture aligns with your values and needs.


Turning the Tables during the Interview: The interview isn’t just about the company assessing you; it’s your chance to assess them too! Here are some tips to ensure you get the information you need about their commitment to well-being:


Prepare Your Own Questions: Don’t be shy about coming prepared with a full list of questions specifically related to their company culture. Examples could include:

  • “How does the company support employee mental health and well-being?”
  • “Can you describe the work-life balance culture here?”
Ask About Growth Opportunities: A company that invests in employee development shows a commitment to its workforce’s well-being and long-term success. Find out what training programs or resources are available to employees.


Finding the right company culture is an essential part of your job search. At Recruitment Central, we partner with companies that prioritise well-being and foster positive work environments. We can connect you with opportunities that align with your values and career goals. You don’t have to be alone in this search. Our team of experts can help you navigate your job search and find a workplace where you can thrive.


Message from the CEO

Recently the government introduced laws around the ‘right to disconnect’. This ensures that employers respect the boundaries of employees.   Since remote work and hybrid working styles are common sometimes it’s difficult to know when work ends and private time begins. 

We all have devices with us for most of the day and often into the evening, so it’s tempting to check that email notification that comes through after hours, however we should also be mindful that we have to set our own personal boundaries around this behaviour. 

We need time to disconnect, to recharge and unwind; to free our thoughts and mind from work and working demands. Try setting your device to hide notifications after hours or putting it on do not disturb during dinner time or in the evenin, give yourself time to focus on yourself, your family and the parts of your personal life you value.

If employers are ensuring the conditions to encourage mindfulness and better mental health then we should also make adjustments that help provide the time needed away from work. 

Make sure you join us on our social media channels to stay up to date with any job opportunities and reach out if you need to discuss your work search or if you are recruiting in your current role. Till next month.

Take Care



An image of Sandra Karamitelios, Director of Recruitment Central.
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