Tips To Be A More Productive and Efficient Manager

Tips To Be A More Productive and Efficient Manager As a manager, you’re faced with a large range of tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. Your success as a manager is often measured in terms of how happy and productive your employees are. While maintaining workplace productivity is definitely one of the many important […]

5 Ways To Manage Your Team While Social Distancing

The COVID-19 virus has disrupted the workplace like never before. Within weeks, organisations have moved employees to work from home – across industries. Without warning, preparation and time – managers are leading virtual teams in stressful and uncertain times. It’s challenging to manage oneself during quarantine – let alone the additional task of managing a […]

Tips To Manage Different Workplace Generations

Managers all over the globe have to face and deal with multiple challenges on a daily basis. One of these challenges is the question of how to manage different workplace generations. In other words, managers have to deal with a variety of people who come from unique backgrounds and have distinctive perspective, ideas and thoughts. […]

Debunking Effective Feedback

Encouraging employees to worry less about their weaknesses and instead focus on their strengths, is never really a good idea. Feedback – both positive and negative – is essential to help employees enhance their best qualities and address their worst. As a manager, it is important to encourage people by delivering negative feedback in ways […]