Tips To Be A More Productive and Efficient Manager

As a manager, you’re faced with a large range of tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis. Your success as a manager is often measured in terms of how happy and productive your employees are. While maintaining workplace productivity is definitely one of the many important jobs of a manager or a supervisor. It is equally important for you to remain efficient.

When the pressure is on, it is natural for your efficiency levels to decrease. There are many management techniques you can use to achieve greater productivity and competence that also allow you to deal successfully with day to day responsibilities.

Focus on single-tasking

Managing different work projects and teams at the same time can leave you with too many things to do at once. Initially, that may seem highly productive. You might be thinking that juggling a lot of tasks at a given time is a sign of effectiveness.

In actuality, continuous multi-tasking can lead to serious productivity issues. This article explains the reasons why people can feel overwhelmed and burned out at work. Single-tasking will see you finishing a greater number of tasks as compared to multi-tasking.

Prioritise your tasks

A key thing to do is to determine the importance of your daily tasks. Prioritise your to-do list as soon as you get to work or the day before.

Perhaps, you could follow Stephen Covey’s Four Quadrant/ Matrix Method. This method involves organising your daily responsibilities according to their importance levels. The underlying goal here is to know exactly what needs to be done first without stressing or wasting any time.

Delegate and delegate

The importance of delegation as a major managerial and organisational tool cannot be emphasised enough. It simply refers to dividing your work and allocating it to your subordinates. Delegation is an art that comes in very handy when your work as a manager becomes more than you can handle.

It not only helps reduce your workload but allows you to focus all your efforts and energy on other crucial projects. It also encourages your team to work with you more effectively, cross training is important for all teams.

Automate processes

Workplace efficiency is achieved when both managers and employees are working to their full potential. One way that managers can ensure their own and the employee’s productivity is to automate processes. This means using different kinds of tools or applications in order to speed up things.

Some potential areas that you can automate are project management, weekly meetings and team communication.

Manager productivity is very important because that’s how your employees will be competent and efficient and remain motivated!

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