Virtual hiring made easy in 5 steps

Are you looking to hire your newest employee virtually? With social distancing, remote working and onboarding challenges still present, there are considerable changes to the hiring process. Thanks to technology (and perhaps the hiring revolution COVID-19 has brought), it’s perhaps the best time to make the shift to virtual recruitment and hiring. If you want your talent pipeline flowing, here’s the easy rule book.

Read our 5 easy steps for successful virtual hiring:


When it comes to people, having a business continuity plan is imperative. Include the framework for infrastructure, team structures and essential support services even if your location goes into a strict lockdown. Think about whether the team will work remotely completely, or come into the office on a rotational basis. Leave space for modifications as situations demand but always have a Plan (A, B and C)!


While we have always conducted the first round via our video interviewing software, Vidcruiter, it is important to carry on virtual recruitment practices as much as possible. Not only will this save you time but it is the best way to ensure a uniform process. You can always leave room for a final in-person interview if both the candidate and your business is prepared for it.


Ensure you share essential details and any relevant resources with the candidate well before the interview. Include technical tips, log on details and passwords. Ask for a RSVP to confirm attendance. Let them know what to expect, the duration of the interview and who they will be meeting with. Not only will this allow the candidate to best prepare themselves, but also ensure a free-flowing conversation.


The downside of virtual interviews is the lack of non-verbal and emotional cues to evaluate a candidate. Being precise with your interview questions, having a focus on behavioural based and emotional intelligence questions will ensure you gain a well rounded picture of the candidate. Focus on the candidates’ responses to your interview questions ensuring they provide examples of their experiences.

Confused about which questions to ask in the virtual interview? Download our interview cheat sheet for employers.

Post Interview

Send an email that includes the next steps for the interview process with timelines. You can also use this opportunity to seek feedback from the candidates. We recommend sending a short questionnaire.

Remember to find the humanity in your hiring process and seek out the best fit for you and your team. At the end of the day, technology enables us to continue effective hiring, even in current times.

If you are looking for ideas on how to use video interview programs, conduct online assessments or develop interview processes – connect with us now!

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