What Do Candidates Want In Your Employer Brand?

Have you ever stopped to think about what candidates truly want in your employer brand? Employer brand is important. Ask yourself, would you buy a big ticket item without checking the online reviews anymore? Well, employees are doing the same thing today. A whopping 75 per cent of candidates consider an employer brand before even applying for the job! To attract talent in a competitive market, companies need to highlight their ’employer brand’ to potential candidates. Not that long ago career sites and recruiters did the heavy lifting for employer brand. However, today they want to check you out on lots of different places including your website, client reviews, Facebook and Instagram, GlassDoor and Seek ratings – these ALL make a huge difference. That’s why it’s important to know what your ideal candidate wants to see in your employer brand, and showcase that positively.

Here are the top 6 things that candidates want in your employer brand:

Social Media Pages

Your company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and overall social media presence is important and sets the tone for the employer/employee relationship. Savvy candidates check these almost instantaneously and a good reputation and well managed pages enhances your employer branding. Having a good mix of employee success stories is a great way to showcase why it’s a great place to work. Your posts must highlight the good work of your employees and the rewards that your company provides to celebrate these.


Having an overview on the careers section of your website of benefits has a big appeal factor to new employees. Benefits like extra annual leave, generous super contributions, early Fridays and flexibility are extremely commonplace today. Some companies have more out-of-the-box ideas to showcase such as EAP (employee assistance program), discounted gym memberships, weekly Zumba sessions or fresh fruit/snack bars. Knowing the benefits that appeal to candidates in your market is key.  Access our blog on inclusive benefits to ensure you reach a diverse candidate base and build your employer brand.


A strong sense of ethics and company culture is important to more than 90 percent of professionals seeking new jobs. Feedback from our placed candidates over the last 18 years has highlighted the importance of culture and team relationships over benefits! No worries if you don’t have the capacity to provide a gamut of extra benefits – your culture can be a huge drawcard to showcase your employer brand.

Flexi Work

With more and more candidates seeking flexible days at work, ensure your technology is up to the mark. Do you provide laptops and mobile phones? Think about the process you use and highlight it. A best practice is an employee experience blog on how your company allows for flexi work and the positive impact it has had on their lives.


Do you embrace diversity in your workplace? If you are finding it difficult to attract new employees perhaps thinking outside of the standard person specification you want could bring you new and exciting opportunities. You may need to put in some extra time on training but that could pay off in the long run. Access our inclusive hiring checklist here.


Ensure you list any nearby public transport, parking available, parking discounts and any car-pool office groups. Listing nearby child day-care centres is a step further and can be a great incentive for some candidates.

Showcasing your employer brand using the above pointers will definitely set you apart from other employers and ensure the right candidates are joining your business!

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