What I've Learned In The Past Few Months

This complete upheaval to our lives, work and businesses has obviously taught us so much. Here’s the key things I’ve learned as we move through this pandemic and changes to our day to day lives – whatever that is!

  • Temps can work from home – I can count on one hand the number of times a temp has worked full time from home in my 23 year recruitment career. No one really thinks a temp can work from home and access their information online. Well that changed quickly! Our Virtual Temps have been popular – with an easy on-boarding process for clients and also support throughout their new assignment.
  • Marketing is Fun – it’s been fun to take that next step in our communications journey. To be honest, I really needed it – comms and marketing is my least favourite thing. Now, I can see why so many enjoy it. Prior to COVID-19 we would plan marketing months in advance, prepping for each quarter. That changed to daily prepping very quickly! Am I great at it? Not yet……… watch this space!
  • Business Community – It’s been amazing to be part of a community of businesses that have come together to provide support. Be it in the form of ideas, referrals, value adding services and genuine outreach to see how we were going. I have a been attending a weekly 30 minute meeting with a structured format. We are left with mini tasks to challenge ourselves with. It’s been a huge motivator for ideas and keeping focused, it’s also given me ideas to help others. (Shout out to NPA Worldwide and Equip Consulting Australia for The Weekly Game Plan).
  • Staying home is not as easy as it looks – As a business we’ve worked remote since 2013 so that side of COVID was a breeze, initially. As time has gone by, not getting out to see clients, meeting our partners, networking and coffee catch-ups have left a big hole. I’ve learned that face to face interaction is important to our business culture and sanity!
  • Our Team is awesome – sometimes I get caught up in the day to day work and routines; COVID-19 has shown me that we are more agile than I thought.
  • Good tech makes life easier – sometimes you doubt your efficiency and systems. We added in a couple of things, one being Krisp Noise Cancelling, otherwise we were on point so feeling proud of my tech skills! There has certainly been tech overwhelm but the upside is that it was so accessible you didn’t need to spend hours looking for ideas. We used this to assess our position and experience in virtual hiring, video interviewing and recruitment workflow and confidently came out knowing our platform is top of the range.
Whilst we are keen to see the back of COVID, there have been some great benefits. The chance to review our systems and processes means we are ready to move forward with fresh ideas and great energy.

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