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Re: Why you need me (well, at least for recruitment!)

Not that many years ago we had to explain to managers and business owners how to recruit and how to use a recruitment agency.  Business owners found the concept of recruitment support novel and groundbreaking, thinking “how did I ever go without this in the first place?” Fastforward to this very day and whilst most people understand the process of recruitment, and some may even do a good job of it, there’s so much of the process that isn’t recognised.


Whilst on the surface recruiting can seem simple – read a resume, do an interview, and make an offer – how much time and money does this actually cost you and your business? In a world where your time is valuable (if not critical), can you really afford to spend hours crafting the perfect job advertisement, sifting through hundreds of job applications, preparing and conducting interview after interview, and still have the energy to prepare and negotiate the best offer?

The benefit you gain in using an experienced and engaged recruiter is this – I’ll help you find fit whilst ensuring you make the most out of your day. The strength lies in our process.



Getting the right advice when recruiting is vital, having a process that is tailored to your business and recruitment style is the key to ensuring an effortless process.


  • Data Capture – Our online platform captures applicant details through structured questioning giving you measureable candidate comparisons.
  • Structured Process – We’ll set up each part of the hiring stage including writing tailored interview questions.
  • Screening/Shortlisting – In depth behavioural and emotional intelligence interviewing techniques we discover the applicants with best fit.
  • Video Interviewing – save hours of time by having your first interview via video.
  • Skill Testing – Tailored online testing to check hard and soft skills.
  • Reference Checking – Thorough reference checking (verbatim reports).



The idea is to empower you to run the best business you can, arming you with the tools to find the right staff in the most cost and time-effective manner.  Download our free “How to be an Interviewing Expert Template” on our website.

Where to next?

I’d love to share with you ways we can help your business scale through finding the right staff.

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