Why Using A Recruiter Is Good For Business

In the olden days… Well, not too long ago, we had to explain to managers and business owners how to use a recruitment agency and why using a recruiter is good for your business. Business owners found the concept of recruitment support novel and groundbreaking. Common thoughts were “How did I ever go without this in the first place?”.

Fast forward to today. Whilst most understand the recruitment process, and lots do a good job of hiring – there is still so much of the process that isn’t recognised. There are applications that aren’t responded to, behavioural skills missed out and diverse candidates overlooked. 

When it comes to using a professional service like accountants, lawyers, business consultants or real estate agents – it’s a given that they are experienced experts in their fields. Your recruiter is in that same category. Recruiters are highly skilled and experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge, they have moved with the market and have in-depth knowledge of business culture. To find various types of recruitment partnership, read this Forbes blog here.

Why using a recruiter is valuable to you and your business?

Recruiters help you save time and staff cost

On the surface,  how to recruit can seem simple – read a resume, do an interview and make an offer. But think about it, how much time and money does this actually cost you and your business? In a world where time is valuable (if not critical), can you really afford to spend hours crafting the perfect job advertisement, sifting through hundreds of job applications, screening out applicants, conducting interview after interview and then being sure you’ve chosen on skills and fit rather than “someone you liked”. A recruiter you can trust, means you have a long-term business partner who is a champion of your employer brand.

Recruiters produce results

When you partner with a recruiter to help you with hiring, they bring years of experience. They give you independent advice and are aware of the market. They are able to ensure a candidate best fits the team and has the skills for the role. An experienced and responsive recruiter helps you find culture fit, ensures you make the most of your time and money and manages your employing brand effortlessly. Their strength is their process – getting the right advice when recruiting is vital. Having a process that is tailored to your business and talent management style is key to ensuring your time is maximised.

Here is how Recruitment Central provides businesses with a value-driven recruitment experience, saving hours of time and money:

  • Marketing Experience – Behind-the-scenes long-term knowledge of more than 18 years.

  • Data Analytics – Our online platform captures applicant details through structured questioning giving you measurable candidate comparisons.

  • Structure – Each part of the hiring process is set up efficiently and effectively, including writing tailored interview questions.

  • Screening and Shortlisting – In-depth behavioural and emotional intelligence interviewing techniques ensure discovering the best talent.

  • Video Interviewing – Software that saves hours by asking live interview questions selected by the employer.

  • Skill Testing – Tailored online testing to check hard and soft skills including technicals.

  • Reference Checking – Thorough reference checking with verbatim reports to ensure the right candidate is processed.

  • Brand Management – We take your brand seriously and ensure the candidate experience is positive across the board.

But wait, there’s more… We empower our partners to find the best talent in the most cost and time-effective manner. Our wide range of tools and resources help you choose and decide what works best for you.

Where to from here you ask? We’d love to share with you the various services that we can offer to help your business scale.

Connect with us and get support with designing a recruitment process that delivers fast results.

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