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In today’s competitive job market, attracting the right talent is crucial. But with so many job postings out there, how can yours stand out?


The secret is compelling job descriptions that grab attention and resonate with your ideal candidate. Here at Recruitment Central, we’ve compiled these tips to help you write a job description that attracts qualified applicants:


Know Your Audience


  • Understand your ideal candidate’s demographics, skills, and job search preferences.
  • Develop detailed candidate personas to support your writing.
  • Know what aspects of the job are the most interesting to candidates.


Pro Tip: Avoid jargon and acronyms that may confuse potential candidates unfamiliar with your company culture or industry.


Craft Clear and Concise Job Titles


  • Make the job title the first thing that grabs attention.
  • Use clear, concise titles that reflect the role and seniority, don’t use titles that only your company uses. Make them generic
  • Leverage SEO best practices to include relevant keywords. 



Pro Tip: Leverage SEO best practices when crafting your job titles. Include relevant keywords that candidates are likely to search for.


Compelling Job Descriptions


  • Use clear and engaging language to outline responsibilities, skills, and qualifications.
  • Use bullet points to make the information scannable.
  • Highlight the impact the candidate can make, not just their duties.
  • Include details about your company culture, benefits, and growth opportunities and expectations for the role.


Pro Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of proofreading! Typos and grammatical errors can reflect poorly on your company.


Go Beyond Text with Multimedia


  • Include videos, images, or infographics to make your ad visually engaging.
  • Showcase your workplace, team members, or recent projects. Video works.
  • Include articles and information about your organisation where possible.


Pro Tip: Video makes your information more accessible, engaging and memorable.


In today’s competitive market, attracting the right talent is more important than ever. But writing high-quality job descriptions that stand out and resonate with ideal candidates takes time and expertise and is certainly helpful if you are engaging a recruiter

Optimise for Mobile


  • Ensure your job description/post is mobile-friendly for smartphones and tablets.
  • Avoid large blocks of text that are difficult to read on small screens.


Pro Tip: Utilise responsive design principles to ensure your content automatically adjusts to fit any screen size.


Think about the next generation


  • Don’t tell candidates what you want, tell them what is in it for them – especially important with Gen Z. 
  • Show your company’s sustainability, environmental and social initiatives to attract Gen Z.


Pro Tip: Try writing your job description as a “day in the life” instead of listing what you are looking for. Tell a story about the role.  




Message from the CEO

The market is shifting and there are more candidates in the market, some who have been retrenched and some who are looking for new opportunities. 


There was an unexpected downturn in unemployment which is challenging normal economic conditions. If you have a role that you need to fill, crafting a compelling job description is an art form. For recruiters, it’s these details that make a role stand out from the crowd.


As you know we are professional recruiters that do this day in and day out so if you want to cut through the time it takes to fill that vacancies, we can help. You don’t even have to have a job description, we can craft that from a job brief. We are just a phone call away.  


Till next month, take care





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