Your relationship with your recruiter

Using a dedicated recruiter or agency for your next career move provides many benefits. 
They can steer you in the right direction, help you through unsure paths and suggest roles you may not have considered. 

Having an honest and open recruiter relationship is important to make sure the process is a fruitful one for both you and them.

Read our top tips to ensure your relationship with your recruiter is productive and long term:

  • Be professional: Presentation matters. Dress sharply as per your industry standards. Show up on time and let them know if you’re going to be late. It’s important for recruiters to be sure that you’ll be on time when they’re vouching for you in front of employers. 
  • Do your research: Go through their website and social pages to check the roles they work on.
  • Your resume: Recruiters will want to know every detail you’ve mentioned in your resume, give them detail when discussing your previous experience. If there are any doubts on how to present something, just ask them and they’ll be happy to help!
  • Articulate your goal: Even at a senior level, many candidates can’t clearly articulate their career goals. Hence, it’s important that you spend time preparing and thinking about your next move. Think about how you want to approach your job search and how you see career progressing.
  • Be honest: Transparency about your expectations, limitations and salary is important. Thus, maintain open communication about any opportunities you have in the pipeline. Inform them of your preferences to make targeting the right role easier for you and the recruiter. Don’t say ‘I’ll do anything for any work’, it doesn’t help.
  • Share the hidden truths: Be honest, explain gaps in your resume and bad work experiences. Chances are they’ll help you to articulate your situation.
  • Ask questions: Your recruiter is there to support you, ask questions about the role you are interviewing for. Furthermore, this is your chance to really dive deep. They really are there to help you.
  • Follow up: Post meeting, sending an email will solidify you as a candidate. This is a great time to reiterate your interest in the role and why it appeals to you. It assures them of your availability for the next steps.

Remember, your recruiter is on your side! They want to find you a great role and help you in your career path.

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