5 Valuable Transferable Skills

Transferable skills go beyond a particular industry or role. You can use them in any role throughout your professional career and in life. Take for example having great people skills – they are invaluable in every level of job and in day to day life.

It’s no surprise that employers value transferable skills. The good news is, you most likely have quite a few already.

Read on to know the 5 most valuable transferable skills:

  • Adaptability: It’s no surprise that adaptability is the most important transferable skill to develop. The COVID-19 pandemic tested this and showed us the importance of adaptability in order to be resilient during tough times. The ability to move with fast-changing VUCA environments will be well regarded across all industries.
  • Communication: Developing the ability to communicate with different audiences is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re facilitating meetings, interviewing or negotiating; being able to communicate effectively is the key to engaging your audience. This study lists communication as one of the two most important skills.
  • Creative Thinking: A focus on innovation, proactivity and problem-solving is crucial for sustainability. In this ever-changing world, it’s a bonus when someone can can think beyond the obvious. It’s not just about having the idea, it’s about the ability to turn those ideas into solutions that makes the difference.
  • Digital Literacy: Adapting quickly to new technology, programs and tools is a key differentiator in the marketplace. With the future being ever more dependent on tech tools; staying updated and showcasing your tech savvy in work meetings will always be seen as high value.
  • People Skills: While the future may be tech dependent, we’ll always need that human touch. Being cooperative, empathetic and patient with team members will impact team culture and performance. The future workplace will require more people skills than ever especially with leaders managing different generations together.
Remember to reference your transferable skills subtly in your resume and provide examples of these during interviews. Developing and showcasing these will reward you with better job security and improved professional horizons.

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