What if you controlled the interview process?

Take Control of Your Career

Finding the right job can be daunting and time-consuming. With no set process to follow the market tends to offer varying advice and rules. We are here to change that.

We recommend you take a moment to ask yourself what you need in your day to day working life – your financial budget requirements, what sort of team suits you, do you need a structured career path or a good stable job with long term prospects, is mentoring important to you, will you only work for a socially responsible company……….there is a myriad of motivators out there, identifying yours is the key to finding the right job. 

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Recruitment Central is here to help and guide you through the recruitment process, as an equal opportunity employer, we make sure you find the role that’s best for you

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The Recruitment Central difference

For over 15 years Recruitment Central has been leading the way to make the entire recruitment process better for both job seekers and employers. As times have changed, so have we.

We don’t confine ourselves to doing business the way traditional recruiters do on their terms, with set margins and one size fits all approach.

Recruitment Central is a true consultancy offering employers flexibility to choose only the elements in the recruitment process they need, rather than paying for all parts that they don’t. Our free online platform is the best solution to save time, save money and most importantly find the right person for your team quickly.

We pride ourselves on not just filling a role but partnering with organisations to become an extension of their business and HR teams and a trusted advisor. We are proud of our reputation, and for the opportunity we have had to work with a wide range of employers across Australia and make a real difference to their teams.

Experience the difference Recruitment Central can make to your business today!