Future Proof your career in these 9 steps

Future-proofing your career doesn’t just mean anticipating what lies ahead, but also adapting to it. You can achieve this by acquiring additional skills or exploring new areas of expertise that will be sought after in the future. Alternatively, you can reevaluate your current role to ensure its longevity in the ever-evolving landscape.

In recent times, we have witnessed the rapid pace at which technology, work environments, and attitudes have transformed. The demand for a skilled workforce is also shifting, leading to the potential disappearance of certain careers while new ones emerge. The digital revolution and the adoption of innovative technologies and work methodologies will give rise to fresh job opportunities or transform existing ones into new and exciting career paths.

Taking accountants as an example, the field of accounting encompasses a wide range of specialisations. These include tasks such as basic bookkeeping for small businesses, tax expertise, financial change management consulting, and proficiency in financial software and technology.

Over the years, the role of accountants has become more diverse, offering multiple avenues for specialisation. To future-proof your career as an accountant, it is crucial to gain experience with prominent accounting firms, explore different areas within the field, and establish a strong professional network that can be leveraged in the future. Additionally, becoming a member of a professional association is necessary, as it provides access to valuable resources and opportunities to stay updated with new technologies, processes, and legislative changes that are essential to remain competitive in the industry.

Skills are important, they are usually how you got where you are, but what about the future? How do you keep on top of changes, manage the expectations that make you a leader in the pack and get to the top of your game? You regularly do the following:

  • Network and discuss relevant topics on LinkedIn
  • Attend trade shows, conferences and share your knowledge and learn from others
  • Upgrade your skills, if you have Bachelors consider a Masters, if you have a Diploma think about a Bachelors
  • Do a short course that keeps you up to date with modern tech and processes
  • Make time to sit with other staff members to see how they manage tasks
  • Join your industry association and participate, attend events and make yourself known
  • Write a blog or vlog and become a thought leader in your field of expertise
  • Read, search and study what is happening in your industry, looking at local and international competition
  • Subscribe to Skillshare or LinkedIn Learning and take as many online lessons as you can to stay relevant and share your knowledge with your team at meetings or when brainstorming
Be mindful not to stagnate and get comfortable in your current role. If you are looking for work then trawl the job ads and make a checklist of the skills that are being asked for vs the skills that your currently possess. This will highlight your skills gaps, then make a plan to address them.

See how many vacant jobs on those job boards you think you could fill right now. If the number is large – around 15-20 then you are well on the way to future-proofing yourself. If the number is low under 5-10 then you have to work on up-skilling yourself and building your reputation.

Choose one area of expertise, an area that you enjoy and love; hone in and really learn everything there is to know about it. This may take time but within your workplace and online you will become and come to be recognised as a specialist in this area. This is how the great well-known business people, surgeons, barristers, judges, racing car drivers, engineers have established themselves within their industry.

By reading this blog, taking in this information and addressing these tips you are already on the right road to future-proofing your career.

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