How To Be An Interviewing Expert - Cheat Sheet

How to do job interviews

For Employers and Interviewers

Becoming an interview expert is not a quick fix however, you can use tools to assist you and ensure you have a productive outcome for your recruitment process.
Everyone is nervous at interview including the interviewer; will you remember what to say, will you ask the right questions, will you show them the job is worth taking without looking desperate, can you afford them? 
Having an interview process in front of you is the key to keeping the meeting on track. 
Setting the structure of an interview enables candidates to relax as they know what is ahead of them. 
Following a checklist will ensure consistency across all your interviews and will enable you to make decisions based on the facts you have gathered.
With a little bit of preparation, you can totally look like a professional.
We help our clients with this all the time and have created a cheat sheet from this experience.

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