Why is employer branding important?

The employer value proposition is a statement that highlights the benefits and advantages that an employer provides, to attract and retain top-quality employees. Employers have realized that these days, you have to make employer branding more meaningful and strategic. Employer branding is not only what external people see, but internal people as well.

Based on the reasons why employees stay with you, you will need to establish your Employer Value Proposition and set goals that are measurable so you can measure its success.

Employer branding is a marketing strategy used to attract talent and position your brand in the labour market. But it’s not just that – it also ensures that your workplace can attract the best people and is a place where people want to come and work.

Today, employer branding is not just about setting up a ping-pong board in the relaxation area or neon bean bags scattered all over the office. With remote working, employees require intangible security, so employers need to take care of their workforce to avoid additional recruitment and training costs.

Employers really need to up their game if they want employees to stick around. The first step is brushing up on how your company presents itself when looking to recruit.


Think about how you want to position yourself in the market by establishing an employer value proposition. Establishing an Employer Value Proposition is a three-step approach:

  1. Reflection: What do you offer as an employer and why do people like working for your company?
  2. Understanding your competitors: If people do not work for your company, then where do they work?
  3. Exiting Staff: If employees leave your company, where do they go?


Based on this, think about your target job seekers and understand their preferences. Instead of asking all the questions at an interview be sure to take the time to outline why working with your company is engaging, fun and different. Know that the preferences of nurses are different to IT experts. Position yourself to attract the right candidates.

Once you understand these areas then you can start your employer branding campaign using multi-media platforms like:

  • Website and blog
  • Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • YouTube
  • Newspaper advertising.


It is a common myth that employer branding cannot be measured. There are many ways to measure employer branding but it depends on your objectives and your goals.

  • Measure your reach: Check your social media impressions or engagements through their inbuilt features
  • Attracting talent: Measure the % of applications received and trends over time
  • Employer rating: Track your GlassDoor employer rating. Track the number of candidates writing reviews on your company while working there or after they leave.



Times are changing and the way we recruit is shifting. It’s important to stay ahead of these changes if you are looking to expand your team or grow your business with talent.  A recent study of job seekers showed that roughly 40% would turn down a job if the company lacked a diverse workforce or did not have clear goals to increase diversity in hiring.

If you are looking to recruit, showcasing your business as a great employer will set you ahead of many others.

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