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Discover This Month – May 2023

Hybrid working offers many benefits for employers and employees alike. We believe that this model of work is here to stay however, as a job seeker or employee there are a few things to consider as you navigate searching for work post pandemic.

It’s a fact that many candidates put hybrid working at the top of the list when they are considering a new role, and the truth is that some employers, by the nature of the work, can’t offer the same level of flexibility that others can.

While some workplaces can’t accommodate this option there may be other possibilities to work in some flexibility and understanding when it comes to employees.

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Considering the whole job offer

It’s really important to consider all the pros and cons of every job offer.  Don’t just focus on one aspect.

When employers decide on a new position, they often offer a range of benefits to attract potential employees with the job description. Depending on the type of work it may not be possible to offer hybrid working, flexible conditions or ways of working. 

While hybrid working is popular with good reason be mindful that it’s easy for great roles to be overlooked if they cannot offer you flexibility. Companies operating in industries such as manufacturing, security, or customer service may be limited in their ability to provide you the same level of flexibility as office-based employers if you are working in this environment.

Here are just some of the other aspects that should be considered before you take that new role:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Even if an employer can’t offer full-time remote work, they can still offer you flexible conditions. This could include flexible start and end times, compressed workweeks, or the option to work from home on certain days.
  • Great Company Culture: All of us want to work for companies that value us and provide a positive work environment. Employers can create a great company culture by offering opportunities for growth and development, recognising employee achievements, and providing a work-life balance.
  • Competitive Compensation: It may be that through a lack of flexibility a higher salary or other perks are on offer to attract you. 
  • Embracing Technology: Embracing technology to make the workplace more efficient and productive. This could include video conferencing for remote meetings or project management software and offers you training on better systems.
  • Social Responsibility: It’s understandable to want to work for companies that prioritise social responsibility and sustainability. Look for employers who emphasise their company’s commitment to social responsibility by supporting charitable causes, volunteering in the community, or implementing environmentally friendly practices.

“Employers that offer alternative flexibility may place a greater emphasis on creating a positive work environment, promoting employee well-being, and offering career development opportunities.


Job seekers who join companies that offer alternative flexibility may have the opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience. By working for a company that values growth and development, employees can continue to develop their skills and knowledge, making them more valuable in the job market.”

Message from the CEO

Gone are the days of blindly applying for jobs and hoping for the best. These days, candidates do their own research on potential employers, making sure the company is a good fit.

Work is a big part of our lives, so it’s important to think about the whole package. While many of us prefer a hybrid working arrangement, I encourage you to think about the whole opportunity. Not every company can offer a fully flexible work life but they can bring many other things to the table. Some may start with less flexibility but offer more as you establish yourself, while others may have different perks that make up for having less flexibility.

Take a good look at the benefits on offer that may compensate for a lack of flexibility, some can’t allow working from home but will offer some other type of arrangement. Don’t discount a great role on the face of what is presented, there are so many possibilities.

We encourage you to explore all the options and ask questions when you are interviewed – that’s your opportunity to get all the information you need to make a choice.

If you are preparing for an interview or considering putting yourself out there in the job market speak to us and we can help you with your preparation and presentation.


We are here to help you.

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