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This month we explore the different ways of working. Temporary, permanent or fixed term contracts all have their own set of advantages.

Many employers are looking for staff right now and some will take skilled people in any capacity to support their team and department.

This could be the time to consider being open to the possibility to other types of work options.  

Our newsletter this month outlines some things to consider if you are looking for work or perhaps even hiring more staff for your team.

You can always contact us for advice if your circumstances change, we welcome you keeping your CV and details up to date.


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Consider all the options

The lure of full time permanent work offers security, consistency and a regular workplace. Many people consider that this is the only type of employment but sometimes temporary work may also suit your circumstances.

If you are a recent graduate, or have changed career or location taking on temp roles could be an excellent way of developing your CV and adding to your list of available referees. In between study is also a great time to take up some temp work.

Temp work lets you try before you buy also, you can test out the environment, location, distance, type of work and team before you commit to a role. It’s a good idea to make it clear that you are looking for temp to perm work so that you can be placed in roles that may lead to a permanent role.

If you have a set period of time available you can also consider a fixed term contract which can give you the best of both worlds, some consistency and the ability to move onto another project in the future.  

With such low unemployment and very active job advertisements, many job seekers have their choice of roles. Considering all the options before you start applying and searching is wise.

Many temp roles lead to permanent roles in time. Some people seek the flexibility of short term employment, this depends on your circumstances but can be a great way to increase your industry experience quickly.

If you are looking for work and you need to find something quickly consider taking some temp work, it could become the best way to lead into a great permanent role for you.

Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn to see posts of all our open vacant roles which will indicate temporary or permanent on each of them.

Message from the CEO

Keeping in touch with all our candidates is really important to us. Ensuring that the database is accurate and as up to date as possible is essential in making sure that we can act swiftly when roles come in from employers and we can quick connect with you.

If you have updated your skills, or any aspects of your employment history has changed please get in touch and send us a recenyly updated version of your CV.

We are here to help you with your search for work. Towards the end of the year many of our employers are planning their 2023 workforce needs, some are winding down and this means the needs of employers is constantly changing, this could lead to lots of opportunities for those registered with us.

Temp work lets you work out what you might like to do into the future, test out the type of work and implement your new skills. Before the end of your contracted terms we can help you find your next project so it’s always a good idea to keep in contact with us so we can keep you in mind for future work.

Employers are often more flexible with temp employees and temp roles are great to fill gaps in employment, but often they can’t offer the security and continuity of permanent work. Perm roles require more formal interviews, skills assesment and a firm commitment from the employee.

These are all things to consider in your search for work. If you need advice or are not sure what might work best for you please get in touch we are here to assist you.

Until next month

All the best



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