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Discover This Month – September 2023

We are firm believers in the transformative magic of upskilling – the key to unlocking your career’s full potential. 

As the professional landscape continues to change and develop, upskilling has become one of the crucial factors in ensuring that you are considered for a role. It is important to have the skills and knowledge required for the position, and when combined with experience and a positive attitude, it makes you an excellent candidate.


In this month’s edition,  we are excited to shed light on upskilling and what that means.  Upskilling can take different shapes – it could be a short course, a formal degree, or even having a mentor or trainer guide you through acquiring new skills. 

The bottom line is, the more you know, the better you become as a candidate. So, let’s dive in and find out more!

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What is Upskilling?

Upskilling is like giving your career a turbo boost. It involves acquiring new skills and knowledge to expand your abilities and advance your career and personal development. It requires continuous learning through training and development opportunities, which can help you stay competitive in the job market and future-proof your career.

Upskilling comes in various forms, ranging from formal education to on-the-job guidance, and it is always worthwhile to learn new skills.

Upskilling is important because it enables you to acquire new competencies that can make you more valuable to employers and increase your chances of securing a new job.

By partnering with an experienced recruiter, you can identify areas for improvement and access training and development programs that can help you determine where you need to focus and develop. You can explore various ways of upskilling, including virtual or online courses, mentorship, and on-the-job training.

Unlocking the Rewards of Upskilling

1. Elevated Career Opportunities

You are not just learning, you are also crafting a one-of-a-kind skill set that makes you valuable to an employer. Upskilling introduces you to new techniques, strategies and knowledge.  Those extra skills can lead to promotions, higher salaries and more opportunities at work. 

2. Increased Job Security

By upskilling, you add an extra layer of resilience and future-proof your career. You demonstrate to your current or future employer that you are serious about excelling in your chosen career, making yourself more valuable. The more skills you have, the more indispensable and valuable you become. This increases your job security and reduces the risk of being laid off, replaced or made redundant.




3. Fuel for Personal & Professional Growth

Upskilling is not just about your career; it is about unleashing your potential and continuous learning. This growth spills over into your personal life, boosting your confidence, expanding your horizons and may introduce you to new concepts and understandings which is great for personal growth. 

Identifying what skills are needed.

Upskilling requires expertise and resources. Further education can be expensive, so it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages before you begin. Fortunately, there are many free resources and cheaper options available online. Some industry bodies offer excellent online platforms to help expand your knowledge. 

To determine which skills you need to improve, you can compare your current skills against what is required in the roles that you are interested in. You can look at the job descriptions to understand what employers are seeking. Reviewing job advertisements is an excellent starting point to gain an understanding of which direction to take.


1. Skills Assessment

Imagine having a personalised skills map that leads to your career goals. As recruiters, we can help you identify areas of your resume that could be enhanced by further skills. You know best what you already know and where there are opportunities for growth.


2. Research Training & Development

It’s important to research various courses and ways to upskill before you invest. This can take time and planning. It’s wise to identify where opportunities exist; some professions have a labour or candidate shortage and these could be the roles that allow you to secure a great job. Think ahead. 


3. Career Coaching

Investing in career coaching could also be beneficial. Recruiters can definitely provide you with areas to focus on and explain any deficits in your experience, but more intensive coaching could be a wise investment if you are unsure about where to head. 


Key Takeaways

  • Navigating today’s job market requires a proactive approach. Upskilling is just one of the ways you can stand out from the crowd. 
  • Recruitment Central can assist and advise you on future opportunities.
  • If you are interested in discussing your resume and areas of improvement, reach out to us so we can set up a time to discuss your situation. 
  • Upskilling is just one way to distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • Recruitment Central can assist and advise you on future opportunities.

Message from the CEO

If you’ve made it this far, you are undoubtedly thinking that there is a lot to consider if you feel your skills are lacking or if want to change careers and acquire new skills.

Upskilling is about more than just learning what is relevant now but also future-proofing your career.

There are many roles in Australia that have been identified as experiencing a shortage of workers. If you are interested in these roles, there is potential for long-term employment. If your current job is at risk due to robotics, artificial intelligence, or computerised systems, upskilling is something you should carefully consider.

Recently, we learned that many employees choose to remain in their roles when given the chance to learn and develop. Upskilling can be something you do with your current employer. Have the conversation, you may be pleasantly surprised at the support you receive.

When it comes to careers, many of us don’t plan or think ahead too far, there is nothing wrong with that. Life happens, and time ticks along. However, we hope that by reviewing this information you might be reminded that continuous learning can bring opportunities your way.

In the current economy, we are expecting some more choppy seas when it comes to employment and unemployment in the months to come. This could be the perfect time to think about your skills and what you can do to advance yourself. 




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