Guest Blog: Don’t enter the job market unprepared. A Routine Increased My Productivity

By Ryan Barabas

The recent work disruption caused by the global pandemic has led many people to create new routines in order to continue to maintain high performance at work. This change affected real estate agents, property buyers and sellers, and business owners as it affected just about everyone in the workforce.

Aside from stating the obvious, change is good. Changes are opportunities to practice being adaptive. And change provides a blank canvas for new ideas and insights to emerge.

As a real estate agent, I also took some time to adjust to the new habits required to deal with ‘the new normal’. I found that matching my energy throughout the day to specific tasks worked the best for me.

Here are the 6 routines that have been helpful, and kept me productive:

Routine 1: Plan the next day before switching off 

Planning is a great success habit in all situations. And a great attribute to cultivate as part of any new routine. Knowing what is ahead fosters a sound sleep, eliminating thoughts about confused priorities. This way you can hit the ground running upon waking up. 

Before finishing work and shutting your computer, organise what you need to do for the next day.  Include the time you plan to wake up, meals you’ll consume, exercise times and down-time with family.

Routine 2: Jump-start the day with a healthy morning

Rising early is a big plus when it comes to productivity. This will power you for the succeeding hours of the day.

Set time aside in the morning for exercise, breakfast, plenty of water, keeping up with the news and what’s going on in the world.

Routine 3: Prioritise high-energy work in the morning 

Having reaped the benefits of a great morning routine, you are now ready to focus on the tasks you need to accomplish for the day. First up, tackle tasks and activities that require high energy. This is going to be different for each person depending on what you do.

For myself as a real estate agent, it involves talking to sellers and buyers. I also conduct video conferences with my team and write proposals. For others, it might be tasks that require a lot of brain power and uninterrupted time. Despite what this looks like for you, it is about giving your highest freshest ‘morning energy’ to activities which require high energy.  

Routine 4: Spare low energy tasks for the arvo (afternoon)

In the afternoon, our energy generally dips especially after lunch. This is the time to schedule tasks that need a lower level of energy. Creative and problem-solving skills are good for this time. Longer phone calls or face to face meetings, as well as strategic planning, also work well.

Tasks that are more likely to be repetitive and simple in nature, are also great for this time of day. Remember, low level energy does not equate to low levels of accuracy and reliability in work standards. 

Routine 5: Save follow ups for the end of the day

Saving follow up calls to clients and team members, is a great thing to structure at the end your work shift. Combine these conversations with a walk in your garden or balcony is a great way to stay fit as well. You can tie up the loose ends and at the same time, start your daily unwind from work duties.

Once these have been done and before you stop work, the very last part of the day comes full circle. End your day with planning out your priorities for the following day, once again.

Routine 6: Relax, refresh, rejuvenate, reset

By the time you stop work, your energy is generally at its lowest point. Having been strategic with your time and daily structure provides peace of mind that you can switch off knowing that everything has been taken care of. Being fully present with your family and loved ones, becomes more rewarding. 

Replacing the structure of the office with a new structure based around energy levels enables goal achievement to happen, regardless of working from home or in an office.

About Ryan Barabas

By following these sound principles outlined, Ryan from Elever Property Group has not only maintained his productivity during COVID-19, but thrived and produced great results for his sellers. If you need any assistance with the sale of your property, do not hesitate to contact Ryan on 0439 715 742.

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