Tips To Ace Your Video Interviews

Tips to Ace your Video Interviews The COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced the importance and effectiveness of video interviews. This is one recruitment and hiring change that will definitely stay on long after the pandemic is over as well. At Recruitment Central, we have been using our pre-recorded video interview software – VidCruiter for more […]

Your Relationship With Your Recruiter

Your relationship with your recruiter Using a dedicated recruiter or agency for your next career move provides many benefits. They can steer you in the right direction, help you through unsure paths and suggest roles you may not have considered.  Having an honest and open recruiter relationship is important to make sure the process is a […]

5 Questions To Ask At Your Second Interview

5 Questions To Ask At Your Second Interview Congratulations! You’ve been asked to return for a second interview. This shows you’ve impressed your prospective employer and that they are genuinely considering you for the role. Sorry to amp up the pressure but … this is generally the deciding interview. The employer has most likely decided […]

5 Valuable Transferable Skills In The New Normal

5 Valuable Transferable Skills In The New Normal Transferable skills go beyond a particular industry or role. You can use them in any role throughout your professional career and in life. Take for example having great people skills – they are invaluable in every level of job and in day to day life. It’s no […]

9 Ways To Ace Your Phone Interview

9 Ways To Ace Your Phone Interview Telephone interviews are the first step to securing your move to the next step in the hiring process, yet they are often overlooked and thought of as less formal. Feedback from a lot of applicants is that it can feel awkward and unfamiliar at times. If you prepare […]

Finding Part-Time and Casual Jobs

Finding Part-Time and Casual Jobs Have you been thinking about a flexible work-life balance recently? Want to look for jobs that give you that added time with your family, friends or just work on your side gig? The good news is, Australia is extremely accommodating when it comes to part-time and casual roles. Read to […]