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Discover This Month – February 2023

We examine the job market for candidates and job seekers in light of the current economic uncertainty and what that might mean for workers across Australia. Our focus this month is in ways to navigate these shifting sands with interest rates, talk of recession and global issues, what that means for you and for Australia in general.

Some times in a economic climate that is uncertain the employment market sometimes follows suit. Business owners often tighten their belts to save costs and minimise expenses so they can weather the potential storm ahead.

On the flip side the climate can also bring opportunities and food for thought in terms of longer term planning.


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Staying put or moving on

When there are shifts in global markets and a more conservative view of spending, usually two things take place in the world of work. People move on, some are forced by redundancy, layoffs, cuts backs and casualisation and others by their own choice. Some see it as a good opportunity to move around within the industry or move to another sector.


Other employees decide that they will ride out the storm where they are and stay put. Opting to show loyalty and help steer the ship in the right direction. Often this depends on your personal circumstances, your tenure and if you feel you are being valued and rewarded.


Employers are increasingly becoming more aware of what they need to do in order to value the workforce they have. Not all are looking to increase renummeration however it is one of the biggest factors in those seeking new roles. Organisations are offering other perks and improved conditions that help make work life balance better but don’t cost a great deal to the company. These are the employers that are thinking progressively and with the long term in mind.


If you feel valued, well renummerated and comfortable in your role then it might be wise to stay put and see what happens. This may certainly be the case if you have a mortgage or family and other factors to consider. While the unemployment rate is low there are many roles currently on offer. Some will look enticing but you have to weigh up the good vs bad as part of the equation.

Most of us are at the mercy of economic fluations and there is little we can do about these changes however you are the master of your domain when it comes to deciding on where you work and if you stay or go.

Things to think about if you are considering a move:

  • Lots of movement and many employers on your resume alludes to inconsistency
  • Changing industry sometimes has you starting from scratch in terms of experience and understanding software etc
  • The grass might not be greener and the new role may not stack up to your current conditions and enjoyment at work
  • A new location may make commuting longer or more difficult
  • Sometimes it’s an excellent way of increasing your salary


Food for thought if you plan to stay:

  • Employers may considering investing in further training options for long term employees
  • Stability in tough economic times could be welcomed and may make life easier
  • Conditions may improve for loyal employees who steady the course
  • Consistency on your resume always looks better
  • Teamwork and easy to build rapport with other employees



Message from the CEO

We want you to know that during times such as these, we are here to help you with guidance and advice and as always hope our newsletter is a great source of information and food for thought.

Considering your options during times of economic uncertainty is wise and planning your future is always important.

Do your research and think long-term. Job ads are a great view into what is currently on offer and the potential remuneration you could expect based on skills and experience.

Keep an eye on what is out there and what the conditions are, this research will be very valuable down the track if you want to move but also valuable if you plan to stay and need the information for performance review time.

It’s a great exercise to compare your resume and skill set against what is being asked for in these relevant job descriptions, it’s a benchmarking exercise that will always yield insight.

Check our website for loads of blogs and content on this topic and more.

As you know we are always looking for skilled, experienced candidates from all sectors and industries, so please register with us and reach out in you need advice.

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Stay well



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