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Discover This Month – November 2023

This month we are diving into the fascinating world (well for us!) of modern jobs and future job professions. 

Whether you’ve been thinking about adapting your skill set or just keeping up with how the emerging technology is creating new opportunities, we think this is a great place to start. 

People who skill themselves in these emerging roles are likely to ensure stable employment for years to come.

The exciting part is that there is a shortage of talent in these specific niches which has created a golden opportunity for those eager to broaden their career horizons.



For ambitious individuals willing to embrace change, upskilling becomes not just a strategic move but a gateway to unlocking  promising opportunities. 

These roles are currently not mainstream but will become more so in coming years. 

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Jobs for the future

As the career landscape continues to transform at a rapid pace; adaptability and foresight will become invaluable assets. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to make a change or a new jobseeker eager to secure a role, we offer a glimpse into the exciting roles that may become common in the future.


Top 8 Future Jobs

1. Cyber Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the rise of advanced technologies has opened new avenues for cybercriminals. The field is dynamic and offers a spectrum of in-demand jobs for the future. Roles such as ICT Programmer, Cyber Security Lead, ICT Security Specialist, and Network Analyst are pivotal in safeguarding digital landscapes. Stay informed and consider these promising career paths as cybersecurity continues to play a vital role in securing our digital future.

2. Aged Care

The demand for healthcare professionals remains constant, and specialised skills are crucial for addressing the distinct needs of the elderly. For those considering a future in aged care, there are many roles to consider, including Home Aged Care Worker, Residential Support Worker, Facility Manager, Policy Analyst, and Program Coordinator. These positions offer not only job security but also an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in a sector crucial to the well-being of our aging population.

 3. Education 

The world of education offers diverse career paths beyond traditional teaching roles. Exploring roles such as Special Needs Aides/Teacher, Learning Designers, Curriculum Designers, Career Counsellors, and Teaching Assistants and Elearning Designers provides a spectrum of opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the education sector while ensuring a fulfilling career trajectory.

4. Software Development & Computer Science

The increasing reliance on technology in our daily lives underscores the continued demand for professionals possessing advanced computer knowledge. For those considering a future in computer science, several promising career options await, including roles such as Software Developer/Engineer, Web Designer, Computer Scientist, Systems Engineer, and Network Analyst. These positions not only align with the evolving technological landscape but also offer avenues for professional growth in a field critical to the continued advancement of our digital world.

Jobs for the future continued...

5. Nursing & Healthcare 

The surge in demand for healthcare jobs is attributed to factors such as the pandemic and the emergence of new diseases, advancements in technology, and an aging population. For those considering a career in healthcare, a diverse range of rewarding options awaits. Explore roles such as Registered Nurse, Aged and Disabled Carers, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, and Health Services Manager to contribute meaningfully to the dynamic and essential field of healthcare.

6. Data Analytics

The ongoing technological advancements have led to data analytics being a sought-after role. While AI brings speed and precision, automating numerous aspects, it is impossible to replace all data analysis jobs. Human judgment and a contextual understanding of specific businesses and industries remain essential.

For those considering a career in data analytics, a spectrum of opportunities awaits across various industries. Roles such as Data Analyst, Sales Analyst, Website Analyst, Technical Business Analyst, and Data Engineer present avenues to contribute to the dynamic world of data analysis while leveraging human expertise in judgment and industry understanding.

7. Web development & UX Design

Contrary to concerns about AI replacing web developers, it is not anticipated to do so in the immediate future. While AI can handle tasks like code generation and testing, human web developers are indispensable for their expertise in user experience, creativity, and problem-solving.

For those contemplating a career in web development, several exciting roles await. Explore opportunities such as Web Developer, Applications Developer, UX Designer, and Software Developer to contribute to the dynamic world of web development, leveraging your creativity and problem-solving skills in this ever-evolving digital landscape.

8. Digital Communication

Professionals specialising in digital communication employ various media formats to convey messages effectively. With the continuous creation of new media forms, proficiency in effective digital communication is poised to be a highly sought-after skill across various industries. For those considering a career in digital communication, numerous roles offer exciting prospects. Delve into opportunities like Digital Strategist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Specialist, and Digital Content Producer to contribute to the evolving landscape of digital communication, where human creativity and understanding remain irreplaceable.

Message from the CEO

In the dynamic landscape of professional opportunities outlined above, it’s evident that certain skills and roles stand out as particularly promising for prospective employees. As technology continues to shape industries, people equipped with specialised knowledge in fields such as data analytics, web development, and digital communication are poised to be in high demand.


Industries like healthcare, education, and aged care also present robust career paths, underlining the enduring demand for skills that are deeply rooted in human qualities. Whether it’s the compassionate care provided by healthcare workers or the guidance offered by educators, these roles not only remain secure but are also crucial for the well-being and advancement of our society.


Moreover, the ever-evolving nature of technology introduces new dimensions to traditional professions. For instance, web developers and digital communication specialists find themselves at the forefront, adapting to emerging media forms and contributing to the dynamic online landscape.


Embrace the opportunities presented by roles in digital communication, healthcare, education, and the ever-expanding tech landscape. 


The future awaits, you are not just a candidate; you are the architect of a dynamic and promising professional landscape. Step into a new role with the confidence that your skills are not just in demand in many cases they can make a difference and help people.



Whether you’re in search of guidance, interested in registering for our featured roles, or wish to engage in a conversation about the dynamic shifts in the job market, feel free to reach out. 

We’re here to help you navigate finding meaningful work that matches your skills.

Warm regards,



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