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Discover This Month – October 2023

This month we thought it might be timely to investigate how artificial intelligence can assist with job searching, can it make it less time consuming? 

In today’s fast-paced job market, finding the perfect job after reading through all the job advertisements can be tiring.  We will look closely at the power of Artificial Intelligence and how it can assist in your quest for your dream job.

The job market is constantly evolving and AI appears to be emerging as a tool that might make it easier to find work and apply for roles that you are truly interested in. 


Tools that help you present yourself well and articulate why you would be the best fit can be very useful.


We also take a look at the industries likely to be impacted by AI in the years to come. 



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The Power of AI in Job Search

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial to landing your dream job. Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is transforming the way we search for and secure employment opportunities. 

1. Personalised Job Recommendations:

AI algorithms can analyse your skills, experience, and preferences to recommend jobs that are the best fit for you. No more sifting through countless listings; AI can help you discover the perfect job matches faster and more efficiently.

2. Resume Optimisation:

Your resume is often your first impression. AI tools can scan your resume and offer suggestions for improvement, ensuring it aligns with the specific job descriptions and keywords that employers are looking for.

3. Skill Enhancement:

AI-driven online learning platforms can identify skill gaps in your resume and suggest relevant courses to bridge them. These platforms offer tailored learning paths, helping you acquire in-demand skills that make you stand out to potential employers.

4. Interview Coaching:

Preparing for job interviews can be nerve-wracking. AI-powered interview coaching tools provide feedback and practice sessions to boost your confidence and performance, increasing your chances of acing the interview.

5. Application Tracking:

Keeping tabs on your job applications can be challenging. AI tools can help you organise and track your applications, sending reminders for follow-ups and interviews so you never miss an opportunity.

6. Job Market Insights:

AI-powered job market analytics can provide you with real-time insights into industry trends, salary ranges, and demand for specific skills. This information empowers you to make informed career decisions.

7. Personalised Cover Letters:

AI can help you craft compelling cover letters by generating personalised content based on the job description and your qualifications. This customisation can significantly improve your chances of grabbing an employer’s attention.


Embracing AI can give you a significant advantage. By leveraging these AI-driven tools and resources, you can streamline your job search, enhance your qualifications, and increase your chances of landing your dream job.


Professions likely to be impacted by AI

It’s our prediction that AI will be infiltrating various professions. Here’s a list of jobs that might be impacted by AI in coming years:


1. Resume Writers: AI is getting pretty good at helping you craft the perfect resume. Time to up your game, human resume writers!


2. Receptionists: Say hello to AI-powered virtual receptionists who never have a bad day and never put you on hold for too long.


3. Fast Food Cooks: Prepare for the rise of burger-flipping robots, the latest culinary sensation!


4. Data Entry Clerks: Sorry, folks, but AI is coming for those repetitive data entry tasks.


5. Telemarketers: Robo-calls anyone? AI will be making those annoying sales calls more efficiently.


6. Cashiers: Self-checkout lanes are just the beginning. AI-powered stores are in, and they don’t need a morning tea or lunch break.


7. Toll Booth Operators: Wave goodbye to human toll collectors as AI takes the highways, this is already happening in many countries. 


8. Retail Salespeople: AI chatbots may soon be the go-to experts on aisle 7.


9. Customer Support Agents: Virtual assistants could be stepping up to handle those FAQs.


10. Librarians: AI can sort through a library faster than you can say “Dewey Decimal System.”


11. Paralegals: AI is diving deep into legal research, leaving more time for lawyers to practice their courtroom drama.


13. Travel Agents: AI algorithms are crafting dream vacations based on your preferences.


14. Proofreaders: AI tools are catching grammar gremlins faster than you can say “spellcheck.”


But hey, before you panic, remember that AI isn’t here to steal our jobs; it’s here to make them easier! It’s all about working together, humans and machines, to create a brighter future.






Message from the CEO

While AI is making inroads into various professions, it’s crucial to highlight that there are many roles where a human-centric approach remains irreplaceable. AI might be a wizard with data and algorithms, but it still lacks the emotional intelligence, creativity, and nuanced understanding that humans bring to the table. So, if you’re in one of those professions that AI is eyeing, take a deep breath – you’ve got time to adapt and thrive.

In this evolving landscape, we’re witnessing the birth of entirely new roles that were previously unfathomable. Imagine being a ‘prompt editor’ or a ‘prompt author,’ crafting the perfect messages for AI chatbots and virtual assistants. Even the trusted copywriter is teaming up with AI to create compelling content that resonates with human audiences. It’s a fascinating blend of technology and creativity, and it’s only just beginning.

Yes, some professions might see a reduction in human capacity, but let’s not forget the incredible potential for job creation in this AI-driven era. New roles will emerge, requiring unique skill sets that complement and collaborate with AI systems.

This period in the world of work is like watching a thrilling movie unfold, where the plot twists keep coming, and the characters keep evolving. We’re at the dawn of a new era, and the possibilities are limitless.

For now, you can harness AI to your advantage in your job search. Keep track of your applications, receive personalised job recommendations, and gain insights into the ever-changing job market. It’s a tool to help you navigate this dynamic landscape and find roles that align with your skills and aspirations.






If you’re seeking advice, looking to register with us for one of our advertised roles, or just want to chat about the exciting changes in the job market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to support you on this remarkable journey into the future of work.


Stay curious, stay adaptable, and let’s embrace the opportunities AI brings to our ever-evolving professional lives.

Feel free to reach out anytime!

Stay well



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