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Discover This Month – November 2022

This month we unpack the differences between permanent and temporary hires and how that could impact your business and your bottom line. Considering the advantages of both is prudent business logic and is always something that should be considered when hiring.

In addition to perm and temp hiring there is also fixed term contracts which can be the perfect way to see you through a special project or bring in the expertise that you need to get your organisation over the line.

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Temp vs Perm

Hiring a temporary employee allows you to budget and ensure fixed costs for a project. You can also assess how this person fits in with your team and the work environment by taking stock of their skills and what expertise they bring to your business. 

It’s a little like try before you buy, you can make a permanent offer in the future but, hiring a temp worker lets you have a really good look at how that arrangement might work for you. Once a temp employee has worked with you and understands your organisation better it may be easier to attract them to work with you into the future.

Temp hirings sees you paying for the assistance you need, you manage the time and the hours and there is a general understanding that the work and time may be flexible and this suits many temps. Bear in mind not all temps will want to become permanent employees so you should discuss your longer term plans in advance with your recruitment consultant if this is a possibility in the future.


If you have a permanent role on offer, you can attract talent that is looking for a new employer with a consistent role and hours. Hiring a permanent employee requires you to add them to your payroll, pay a fee for recruiting them, factor in superannuation and other employee benefits.

This comes at a cost but it also allows you access to a wider talent pool of people that are looking for a role they can really become a part of and many prefer the consistency and security of a permanent role.

Many people won’t leave their current work unless it’s for a permanent, secure role so it really does give you the opportunity to attract the best talent with appropriate skill sets.

Message from the CEO

It’s well known to many of you that permanent and temporary recruitment is our speciality. What makes us different is that we really focus on our clients and their needs and the working environment.

Our strong networks and up-to-date database of candidates that we regularly keep in contact with, allow us to find a close match between what our clients need and some amazing candidates.

If you are unsure if you should find a quick temp to help you get over a busy period or to support your existing team. we can help you by conducting a quick gap analysis and then making a recommendation. We can then search for people that meet the brief.

As our network grows so does our ability to find the right people. We are always looking for people and if you have anyone interested in finding work please send them our way.

As the year is winding down, some businesses are getting busier over Christmas and some slowing down to take a break, each one different with varying needs. We can help if you need staff either in a temporary capacity or permanent including fixed-term contracts.

With so many job ads and low unemployment, it’s been a challenging year for all of us in this industry but we are looking forward to the year ahead even with these changing landscapes.

Speak to us if you have a vacancy that you can’t fill and give us the opportunity to show you how we work and our outstanding service.

Take Care



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