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As we approach the major milestone year and our 18th full year, we want to take a moment to look back a little at recruitment and how far we have come from paper resumes and lots of phone calls to automation and what is predicted to come.

We take a walk through where recruitment started and how it looks today in the current market.


It’s a great opportunity for us to reflect on our amazing candidates and clients and the joy we having in servicing them each and every week.


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Recruitment through the ages.............

From as far back as Egyptian times, there were recruitment drives to enlist military personnel and frontline armies of soldiers and fighters, bringing it forward thousands of years to the second world war when a lot more information was documented. There were recruitment drives to staff factories and industrial complexes to help with the war effort. Then those returning from war needed jobs and to up-skill so they could fulfil various roles, some products and services were urgently needed at that time so the timing was everything.

Many of these practices relied on word of mouth or networks of people to spread the word, companies like Mercedes Benz mastered the art of employing families so there was generational loyalty.

Then in the 1950s resumes became standard practice; listing your skills and the places you had worked on paper so that you had all the details with you when you applied for a job in person took recruitment to a new level. This trend continued and developed through to the 1970’s when the world started to prosper, and companies started to really expand. Many companies started to outsource their hiring to professional agencies. Information storage was a challenge, and mass archiving of all the paper resumes was a consideration. Newspapers were king in the world of job seeking, and more than 75% of job seekers found their next opportunity in the classifieds.

In the 1980s the world of the fax machine took hold. Resumes were faxed instantly in response to advertisements, and mobile phones were starting to become portable and replace the ‘brick’ phones. Having your own individual moving mobile phone number was a game changer in the world of recruitment and finding staff. It was around this time the first databases and applicant tracking systems are invented and computers are commonplace by the end of this decade.

The 1990s were the age of the internet and this medium now set recruitment on a path that you could only have imagined. Advertisements were now instant and online, less expensive than printing in newspapers, applications could be sent instantly, and roles could be filled in record time.

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In the 2000’s the pace was moving even faster, platforms for job seekers ensured that users looking to find work went from 20% online to 90% by the late 2010s which is still the case today. We now have automated systems and tracking software, onboarding platforms and psychometric testing, online courses and upskilling and every day there are start-ups inventing another option to make recruitment more professional and easier for both job seekers and recruiters.

Post-pandemic we are now taking it a few steps further and interviewing, meeting people online and working remotely. It’s not unheard of for employees to have worked for a company for several years and have not met their boss or team in person. This is the world we now live in and over the years the methods and tech have changed but the underlying premise is that we as recruiters help companies find staffing talent and we help job seekers find new opportunities.

We pride ourselves on managing this service every day and

personalised service for us is key. We have loved being around

for 18 years, and we hope there are many more to come.

Thanks for helping us celebrate this milestone.

Message from the CEO

For all of us at Recruitment Central this is a special month and an excellent time to reflect. It helps us to look back over the years and find direction for the future.

We have great plans for the business and our future in Recruitment and each month we create content and sourcing information that we hope helps navigate the world of recruitment for both clients and candidates.

We continue to be able to showcase so many great candidates with experience that are willing to work with us. Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn where we profile various candidates, if you are interested in securing any of these amazing individuals please get in touch.

We are excited to see where the job market is going and although there are challenges like interest rate rises and international economic and climate issues, we remain positive. We have seen the market shift over the years and move from a clients market to a candidates market and no doubt things will change again in the future.

We are confident, regardless of the market, that we can help, we have an amazing database of people ready to work and we specialise in critical and difficult to place roles.

Speak to us if you have a vacancy that you can’t fill and give us the opportunity to show you how we work.

Take Care



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