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Discover This Month – September 2023

As recruitment professionals we are believers in proactive planning when it comes to your workforce. This month we want to emphasize the importance of talent pipelining and training as the bedrock of future-proofing your organisation and keeping your workforce engaged and happy.

Employees are showing loyalty to employers who invest in their growth and development. Whether through on-the-job training, internships, or supporting them in degree qualifications, it is crucial for employers to recognise this as a key factor to retaining staff in 2023.


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Planning for the Future: The Essence of Talent Pipelining

Talent pipelining is a forward-thinking strategy that revolves around building long-term relationships with recruiters who truly understand your business and its needs. Even before a position becomes available, they can examine the market and find suitable candidates for you to interview in advance. This minimizes downtime and team disruption.


By maintaining a talent pipeline, you can reduce the time associated with sourcing and recruiting right-fit talent. It eliminates the need to start from scratch each time a new opening arises and allows your organisation to forward plan and manage budgets and hiring costs.

Accelerated Time-to-Hire

With a talent pipeline you can significantly reduce the time it takes to fill a position. By already having a pool of qualified interviewed candidates, you are primed to quickly identify and engage with potential hires, thus speeding up the hiring process. It’s important to understand that those candidates may not be available when a position arises. However, if they are contractors, the chances of them being ready to join your team increases.

Access to Premier Talent

Creating a talent pipeline enables you to proactively identify and nurture high-potential candidates. This gives you a distinct advantage in attracting and securing the best talent available in the market.

Optimised Workforce 

By identifying future staffing requisites, you can align your talent acquisition strategy with your business goals and financials. Additionally, understanding the specific skills and competencies needed in your workforce will allow you to proactively address any gaps and ensure that you have the right talent in place to drive success.

Amplified Employer Brand

Demonstrating a commitment to talent pipelining and training enhances the image of your organisation. It portrays your company as forward-thinking, dedicated to personnel development, and focused on long-term success.

Message from the CEO

We understand that modern business has unforeseen challenges. Planning always makes the road easier. 

Keeping a flow of talent is one of those things that takes planning and foresight. Establishing a close working relationship with a recruiter who possesses a deep understanding of your business is key to addressing this challenge. We would value the opportunity to discuss this further with you. 

In addition to building a talent pipeline, training your staff is also crucial for keeping them satisfied and feeling valued.

Training not only benefits your company and existing talent, but it also serves as an investment in your team’s careers. It has become one of the most important aspects that employees look for in an employer.

Developing a training program with each team member brings incredible value. This can be easily implemented during performance review time or at the start of the financial year, allowing your team to enhance their skill set and increase their value within the business. We are here to support you with ideas to make this process seamless and beneficial.

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