How To Be An Interviewing Expert – Your Interview Cheat Sheet

How To Be An Interviewing Expert – Cheat Sheet How to do job interviews For Employers and Interviewers Becoming an interview expert is not a quick fix however, you can use tools to assist you and ensure you have a productive outcome for your recruitment process. Everyone is nervous at interview including the interviewer; will […]

Meet our Founder & Director

Meet our Founder & Director Sandra Karamitelios is the Founder & Director of Recruitment Central. With almost two decades of experience in recruitment, she is Brisbane’s go-to recruiter for personalised and responsive recruitment. When businesses need the perfect addition to their team, they trust her expertise. Sandra possesses this knack of fostering honest relationships with […]

Writing Memorable Cover Letters

Stories Matter

Writing Memorable Cover Letters Cover letters let you tell a story, reveal your personality and build rapport. They also give a chance to stand out from other job applicants. While there is conflicting advice in regards to the necessity of cover letters, most employers prefer a cover letter that addresses key points of the role. […]

5 Resume Tips To Think Like A Recruiter

See 5 Resume Tips To Think Like A Recruiter

5 Resume Tips To Think Like A Recruiter The average recruiter spends about 1-2 minutes initially reading a resume. Making the reader’s experience effortless is key to getting a call for your next job. The most common complaint from recruiters is that there is no uniformity when it comes to finding the information they need […]