Top Tips To Get A Job In A New Industry

Are you feeling that you need a change of industry? Maybe it’s no longer the right one for you or the opportunities are limited and you’d like to try something new? 

Read our top tips to consider when contemplating a move to a new industry:

  • Think about your Values or Passions – What is important to you – working for a company that gives back, a large corporate that offers career growth or overseas secondments? Make a list of what you like and don’t like about your current/ last job. Think about your hobbies, passions and the causes you care about most. This will help you build a shortlist of potential industries that you might be a great fit for.

  • Industry Map – Think about whether your skills are in demand in those industries. Research what others have said by checking out employee reviews (try Glassdoor). What are the trends – eg: a fast paced environment, long sales process with very large high value projects. Have a think about how these factors match to your motivators and values.

  • Network – Reach out to any friends or networks that currently work in that industry and seek their advice. Attend relevant webinars and events within the industry. Look at some leaders in that industry on LinkedIn, reach out to them for advice. You’ll be surprised how much people are willing to share.

  • Become an Expert – Start reading industry related articles, follow leading companies on social media, subscribe to newsletters and stay on top of trends. Also, join relevant LinkedIn Groups and review the information people are sharing. When you secure an interview you can showcase your knowledge and willingness to really embrace this new career path.

  • Consider Contract Work/Volunteering – Consider taking on temp work or volunteering in order to gain real-life exposure to the industry. Temp work will also let you showcase your existing skillset and often provides free training.

  • Job Search – Once you’re sure about moving to a new industry, start your job search, tailor your resume according to industry standards. Don’t forget to continue networking.

  • Ace the Interview – Finally, once you line up some interviews, demonstrate your passion to make this move. Identify any overlaps between your previous experience and the industry to show your transferable skills. Read our Interview Tips here.

Changing industries and getting a range of experiences under your belt speaks volumes about your adaptability. Today’s employers love a candidate that has diverse experiences and there’s no better time to change your industry.

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